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Rookie Blue - 6x01- Sam and Andy on vacation

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Since you mentioned hints, can you summarize what you believe are the hints to keep the golly ship from sinking?

Well first of all we have the AMAZING Aliyah O’Brien, who is like Charlotte, the best freaking captain we could ever wish for. She still favorites a lot of tweets about Gail and Holly, and how everyone hopes Holly will come back eventually. This could of course mean that she hopes that the Rookie Blue producers will see it and bring her back, but she is not ignoring us on Twitter at all. No she loves this ship as much as all of us, and well let’s just say Aliyah is the freaking best, because she is. Like just scroll through her favorites for a minute or two, and you can see it for yourself.

Then we of course have the interview with Tassie Cameron that was released like a week ago. In which we got the “Gail’s love life is not completely put on ice, let’s put it that way.” Which means that there will happen something at least in Gail’s love life. We do know not if this means Holly will stick around, Golly doing long distance, Gail meeting someone else or Gail just sleeping around, we hope for the best case scenario of course in which Gail and Holly’s are each other’s plus one forever, which brings me to the next point from the same interview. When Tassie is asked about Gail’s wedding ring, she responds with “Oh really? That’s probably a mistake. That’s probably Charlotte’s own wedding ring, I don’t know.” Like excuse me but those are a lot of probablies and ‘I don’t know’, what do you mean you don’t know, aren’t you the show runner? Aren’t you supposed to know? Hm, very suspisious if you ask me. It’s almost as if there is more to the story, but she cannot tell yet without spoiling too much (Or you know maybe this is me reading too much into this, but yeah).

Then yesterday I made this comment on Twitter about Rookie Blue favoriting a lot of Golly tweets the past few days (which they also favorited btw). And tweeted a quote from the TVJUNKIES interview that released 5 hints about the first episode of season 6 that stated that we would get “a hint to her (Gail’s) current relationship status.” Me being all excited about this of course, made a tweet about it, saying something that this better be Holly kind of good news. Not only a minute later the tweet got favorited by the Rookie Blue Twitter.  Which I don’t know could be nothing, but gave me some kind of hope.

And then of course today came the amazing interview with Charlotte Sullivan and Matthew Gordon. And it already starts when they are asking about Gail’s love life. Like look at Charlotte, she is biting her lip, trying to contain a smile and glancing at Matthew like ‘I told you they would ask!’ And then she starts like giggling before saying she BELIEVES she has been dumped. Believes, like if you’re dumped, don’t you like know? And then she calls Holly “the love of her life” TWO FREAKING TIMES. Like hello, how could we ignore that? And she is just smiling and laughing throughout the whole thing, which makes it kind of hard to read, but also kinda tells me that there is something more she cannot share yet (hopefully). Because hello, Holly is the love of her life. And then Charlotte almost seems relieved that she got to the part in which she can talk about Gail trying to adopt Sophie (because maybe she is just glad she like didn’t reveal any information she wasn’t supposed to. And it’s easier talking about Sophie’s adoption because well we kind of all already know that that storyline is gonna happen, so it’s more safe to talk about. I do believe that Holly will be gone for most of the season like Charlotte said in the interview, I just hope it means that they will continue their relationship over distance, or get back together later in the season. I dunno, as I said I could be reading way too much into these, but I kind of hope that at least there is some hope left for Golly. That they will be together in some way.

I’m sure I forgot some, so if you remember any little hints or clues, feel free to add them. :)