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Does Shassie wreck you?

I don’t know if I ever mentioned this, but the fantastic ohhblaine (formerly exquisite-rose, soon to be pendejaesthetic) started a Shassie fic rec blog: Shassiewrecked! You guys should go check it out and maybe submit a rec (or five, if you’re like me and are constantly in awe of the uber-talented writers in this fandom.)

(As a note: I have links to other great Shassie blogs in the “+shassie” link on the blog.)


May 3, 2015 | I haven’t posted in ages! I do apologize for that. I have just been busy as a bee. I have my AP Psych test tomorrow. Which is mildly terrifying. I enjoyed my little study session ( minus the rude bumblebees). I even took a cheeky selfie for yall. Hope everyone is doing well! Good luck on your AP tests!