We are extra careful with what we’re doing, we have some very literaly fans online, this one goes by happyjacq and I have to be careful because she guesses stuff, she has theories, and she can be very close to what we re doing and sometimes I’ll go to the writers: happyjacq got it! we might just have to shift it a little bit.
—  Graeme Manson mentions happyjacq​ on In this day of second screen and intense discussion does that affect you as a writer?” (Writers Guild of Canada at Fan Expo)

AU ideas to consider for your OTP

  • au where one gets the other baked then they dance around listening to music and inhaling helium 
  • au where they go to a fancy event where they promptly steal wine and also consider stealing bikes
  • au where one goes out to get eskimo pies after they have sex with each other 
  • au where one is secretly spying on the other for a top secret organization, but falls in love with them 
  • au where one is dying and they must try to find the cure together 
  • au where one of them accidentally kisses someone who looks exactly like their partner 

oh wait…..

Orphan Black is a mistery, so it’s a puzzle and the fan input can’t really affect the masterplan, it can sure help tell us what characters you like and we can feature and we do that and all the shipping stuff. I love all the shipping stuff! But it’s also like: Oh we can toy with that little ship for a while… I love kinda throw things in there in dialogue for the fans, litte references, little petnames for the characters that the fandom comes up with it, we started using on the show.
—  Graeme Manson on "What line do you make between what fans want and what you want as storytellers?” (Writers Guild of Canada at Fan Expo)

Hey Clone Club,

Tatiana Maslany’s birthday is this coming Monday, September 22 and Jordan Gavaris’s birthday is on Thursday, September 25. 

As a thank you to them for portraying LGBTQ characters on Orphan Black, I created the Tatiana Maslany’s and Jordan Gavaris’s birthday projectThis project will be donating to The Trevor Project in their names and will be a gift from the Clone Club. :)


So I’m challenging everyone in Clone Club to donate at least $1 so we can reach our goal! (Donate here!)

(It’s okay if you’re unable to donate! You can help by spreading the word by reblogging this post or reblogging the original post here)


mewpre said:

When I think about feminist TV shows, I automatically think of Orphan Black. The characters have such depth and individuality, especially the clones, that even when one clone is impersonating another, you can tell exactly who she's supposed to be (Tatiana Maslany's incredible acting skills contributes immensely as well). The show's treatment of queer characters is very good as well. And while I feel like there could be more PoC characters, the few that exist have pretty important roles.

I absolutely agree! I love Orphan Black. Tatiana Maslany is amazing!