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Joss Whedon described teasing out the structure for the first Avengers as “brutal”, because of how many characters he had to cram in. By Age Of Ultron, the number of superpowered people alone jumped from the original seven to 12 characters blasting about the screen like cocaine-powered cats. Whedon called it the hardest work he’d ever done, and the resulting film burst at the seams, like Hulk in the fuchsia Members Only jacket that Bruce Banner wears all the time (to remind himself that he alone must carry his burden).

It might sound soul-crushingly mathematical, but most films out there are structured in the same basic way to make them accessible to audiences. This usually involves three acts with eight different plot points. … This structure can be seen in everything from Disney to David Lynch because of how aptly it avoids pissing off the audience. And in Age Of Ultron, you start to see that structure groan under the weight of all the subplots setting up future Civil and Infinity Wars while simultaneously attempting to tell a complete story arc with 12 main and secondary characters. And now that Captain America: Civil War will apparently have 16 fucking characters, it’s impossible to imagine a scenario in which the movie won’t continue for the rest of your life and Don Cheadle is your new dad.

And we haven’t even begun to talk about the TV shows …

5 Reasons It’s Impossible To Recreate Marvel’s Movie Success


(also these are 100% debatable and just my thoughts???)

(spoilers abound)

Nick Fury–ENTJ. Comics is ESTP I think but in the MCU he seems clearly ENTJ. Classically pragmatic, works behind the scenes, a sort of puppetmaster.

Tony Stark–ENTP. In all incarnations I’ve ever experienced. Wise talking, creative, quick on his feet.

Black Widow–ISTP. I’m not uber-familiar with her comic counterpart but she’s pretty clearly ISTP. Reserved, action-oriented, very pragmatic.

Hawkeye–ISTP in everything ever. It’s tempting to go F with him after seeing the *SPOILER**************** family bits in AoU, but it doesn’t change his clear Ti-Se pair.

Thor–Tentative ESTP (because he’s poorly developed in the movies)…? Especially in the comics. Soooo commonly mistyped as ENFP. Thor is not a cerebral, idea-hopping, Ne-dom. Thor is an action-oriented and focused Se-dom, with all the initial arrogance of immature ESTPs. 

Captain America–the internet can’t agree on him. I’ve seen ESFJ, ESTJ, ISFJ, ISTJ, ENFJ, and INFJ. My personal opinion for the MCU is ESFJ. He’s obviously an SJ type, all about tradition and precedent. I think his devotion to ideals marks him as a feeler. To me, his manner suggests an extrovert, especially Fe. 

Hulk–??? He is incredibly hard to type, mostly because the Bana and Norton and Ruffalo versions are all really different, and all of those are different from the comics. I think Banner is definitely INxx and Hulk is ESxP.

**more spoilers**

Scarlet Witch–INFP, definitely in the comics and suggested in the movies. Very personal value-oriented (dom Fi) and all about a flexible construction of reality (Ne). It’s textbook really.

Vision–INFJ. Sooooo INFJ. Comics and movies. This (http://zombiesruineverything.com/2015/05/05/mbti-vision-infj/) explains it better than I ever could.

Marvel Cinematic Universe Gothic

You are an actor in the MCU. You signed a contract, many years ago. Every time you read it, it seems a little longer than before. You can’t remember how many films you thought you were signing on for. You can’t remember how many you’ve already done. The films left before you stretch out for aeons. You think your contract may have been signed in blood.

You walk out of the cinema, having just seen the latest Marvel offering. The walk from the theater takes you past a wall of film posters, advertising upcoming Marvel films. The wall goes on forever, and you keep walking, and you are so tired, in your soul.

You are blonde and your name is Chris. There is another blonde man named Chris beside you, and you have heard tell of more. You walk down studio hallways filled with blonde men called Chris. There are so many of you now, but in the end, there can only be one.

You are in the audience at the cinema, waiting for the new Marvel film to begin. You do not remember entering the cinema, nor do you recall leaving the cinema after the last Marvel film. You don’t know how long you’ve been here. Your bank account is empty and your pockets are full of ticket stubs.

You are a Marvel executive, filling out dates on a calendar. The calendar stretches across the boardroom table and into the void. You are planning each phase of the film cycle, checking them carefully against a chart marked with runes, written in blood. There are so many phases left to complete, so many phases before you can return home.

Darcy is Natasha and Bucky's Daughter AU Rec List

OKAY SO, I really like the idea of Darcy being Natasha and Bucky’s daughter because c'mon who doesn’t want a soft, warm, motherly ex KGB assassin and a caring father that has metal arms. I know it’s like way off canon but it’s not like it’s stopped us before. 

Sad to say, the list is very very very very  small. I encourage everyone to write even a little sliver of this AU. I will love you to bits.

You can add any other fics that you know in this AU

1. Sentimental by Baamon5evr

Darcy Lewis is an evasive person. Most wouldn’t believe that with how outspoken she was, sure she had no qualms waxing poetic about her sex life or writing odes to her body and the extra pounds the girls back home made fun of her for. She could tell you all about this boy or that girl but if ever asked about the scars on her left wrist she’d maneuver her way out of it expertly. If ever asked about her family she’d give just enough truth for people to back off. If ever asked about the origin of her name she’d tell a tall tale on the spot. She didn’t like thinking about the past. It haunted her enough in her dreams.

Darcy doesn’t have any pairings in this one, which is okay by me. There is strong Bucky/Nat relationship. (Which I am crazy about.) This is so heavy with cannon from the comics but I think you can get by. 

What I really love about this fic is that all three of them knew who each other was and how they relate to each other. (sans brainwashing) It’s just a weird bad ass family of three. 11/10 would recommend. 

2. The Itsy Bitsy Spider by Squirrel_Stone

Her mother hasn’t seen her recently enough to recognize her.
She can’t see her father or they’ll know.
Her lover is starting to notice something.

This is a oneshot probably. (Stop with the cliffhangers!!!) Darcy/Steve. Filled with suspense.

3. Remembering Then and Discovering Now by underscore65

It’s hard, she knows, to have a secret so important that keeping it is the only way to stay safe. The only way to keep others safe.

But every now and then it threatens to spill over her lips, threatens to break free.

Then she remembers his final words to her and she stops it short, catches it before it can leave her mouth. No one can know the secret. No one can know where she came from.

Until of course, they do.

This is a Darcy-centric fic. No ships (yet, i hope). I really like how it describes Darcy and Bucky’s relationship. Him teaching how to live while on the run. Stuff like that. It’s adorable. Read it. 

There you have it. These are the fics that I know of that are good for public consumption. (Small right?? RIGHT??!) If you know any other fics, you can just add it along. :)

and i will run with the wolves ; a wanda maximoff mix 

for the romani girl who grew up far too fast, watching the stars flicker out in between old ghost towns and the whispers of wungadore mountain.

for the little dove with blood on her hands, who seeks to make amends

for the girl who is a witch and the woman who rises from the ashes of a burnt childhood.

for wanda maximoff, the scarlet witch.


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