Tenzin's arc in Book 2

It’s the Book where it’s Tenzin’s turn to be the student, and that is bloody brilliant!

Stay through until the end!


Tenzin seems to learn a slight lesson of sorts every episode he’s in this book.

K201 - He gives Korra the much needed space that Pema suggested he give her in K104. Even though she is acting up, he respects her wishes.

K203 and K204 -  Tenzin reconciles the past with his siblings and learns to value them more for who they are. He also learns about loving despite the shortcomings of others from Ikki when they have the baby bison tea party.

K205 - Tenzin shows Menlo how to train the lemurs Tenzin-style. This works wonders, but reminds Tenzin how unhappy this way of teaching makes himself, AND the student.

K209 - (speculation) Jinora will end up teaching Tenzin how to see the spirits. His mind will be opened up to the joy and innocence in seeing the unseen and imagination. Both are things Tenzin is seriously lacking in.


Tenzin will realize not only how much he has to learn from others, but that this whole time, Aang himself has been teaching him through his descendants!!

He is learning forgiveness, love, freedom, innocence, peace, imagination and eventually, BALANCE.

So the next time you hate on Book 2, Bryke, or Legend of Korra as a whole, look around. This is fan-fucking-tastic show!

*drops mike*


It’s Bolin you guys, you GUYS it’s Bo, not Mako, I thought it was Mako, but then I looked over at the concept art for Book 2 and realized it’s so Bolin, look you can see the obvious Bo turtle duck hair and the jacket he’s wearing, the hood around his neck, omg please tell me I am not the only one who sees this?

EDIT: Makos jacket stops to high IMO to be him

I have officially jumped ship and left the S.S. Makorra. Now, I have built my own ship named the S.S. Korra, where Korra is the greatest single bitch ever and needs no man.

Feel free to come aboard. Thus is the unsinkable ship. Haters cannot hate because they know deep down that our ship will be more cannon than any other ship this world has ever known.