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Arrow Producer’s preview - Inside: ‘3x22′ “This is your sword“ (x)


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwgEceg4jIk)

| Okay, I made this video because the writing on the Flash on last week’s episode really got to me. While I was super excited and fan-girly about Joe West being proudly on the S.S WestAllen, it did bother me that Iris is allowed no say in her romantic narrative. She is given all these things to do off-screen and then is brought into the plot to be a device for the other leads or romantic drama. On Arrow, my boo, Laurel has been reduced from someone who could hold her on in a fight to getting beaten by any street thug. I can get the League of Assassins, but random mugger #194768 please. Even Felicity has been little more than a romantic subplot this entire season, so this is me venting about that because I enjoy the women of Arrow and The Flash (sans Caitlin sorry not sorry), but the writing for them is sexist at worst and really bad at best.

When Laurel was fighting that street thug last week, she “underestimated [her] opponent”, that was why she was injured.  Laurel did not lose, Nyssa ended the fight before she could - there was no winner or loser between them, because the fight never finished.  Who are we to say she wouldn’t have bounced back from the knife strike?  

So yes, it is possible that she fights better against enemies that she does not underestimate.  Like League members holding her best friends hostage.   She did much better in the second fight of that episode as well.

Didn’t Oliver say only a few episodes ago that it isn’t about strength, it’s about heart?