Happy 18th Birthday to my darling septemberepisode!

I could honestly not be more grateful to have a friend like you. You’re one of the most talented, hard-working people I know. You’re also probably the sweetest person I know. 

You’re one of those people I can talk to about ANYTHING. I can be really intense at times and you actually put up with that wth and I have so much fun sharing opinions on sports anime and there’s so much more I can’t seem to put in words

I have no words to describe or explain my love for you so have this little token of my appreciation. I hope you have a fun birthday!!!!

Love, Shini. 


Kuroko: Kuroko would be the most calm and honest about the situation. He would worry that his lack of presence or outwardly affection was a problem for his significant other, so much so that they would have to find someone else. Kuroko would sit down with his partner and ask them if they really did have feelings for the third party. “(Y/N)-chan, do you still want to be with me?”

Kise: Kise wouldn’t admit it, but he would feel somewhat threatened. He would also be surprised, but a part of him understood. Between juggling basketball, modeling, and running from his rabid fangirls, why wouldn’t his partner like someone else? He’d slap his cheeks and push those thought from his mind. From then on, he’d do everything he could to spend more time with his partner while keeping an eye out for any guys that got too close. He’d be extra clingy for a while and would shower them with kisses and hugs. “Nothing’s wrong with me, (Y/N)-cchi! I’ve missed you so much, that’s all!”

Midorima: Midorima would definitely be upset and possibly even angry and would do what he could to find out who this ‘other man’ was (while being as discreet as possible, of course). He would follow you and take note of which males you spent the most time with. He would end up distancing himself from his partner while he try to find the third party. It would take a talking to from his partner him to realize that he was wrong. “A-ah, (Y/N). Your horoscope said that today was a good day to spend with your partner.”

Aomine: Aomine would be furious. Who the hell could be so important that his partner would rather be with them than him? Aomine would approach any guy that he sees his partner with and scare them off. He’d be even more physical with his partner than usual and would want to prove how good a partner he really was. “What’s so good about those other guys? The only one good enough for you is me.” (I can totally imagine him kissing their neck while saying this.)

Murasakibara: Murasakibara would feel an instant jealously. He would stay by his partner’s side at all times and glare at anyone who comes near them, regardless of who they are. He would keep his arms around them in a constant embrace and try to cuddle with them as much as possible. Murasakibara would even share more snacks than usual with his partner. His partner would have to go to great lengths to assure him that they only cared for him. “(Y/N)-chin~ Don’t look at anyone else. You’re too sweet for them.”

Akashi: Akashi would be surprised that his partner would even think of looking at someone else when they had him. He wouldn’t feel too threatened. All he had to do was find out who this other ‘man’ was and remind him that his partner was his and his alone. Actually, he would have to remind his partner of that, as well… “Ah, you have been very disobedient lately, haven’t you?”

Hanamiya: There would be hell to pay. Hanamiya would find out on his own who his competition was, if one would even call it that. He wouldn’t be too worried, seeing as that he would ensure that his partner never saw that other guy again. Hanamiya would be angered, however, that his partner sought out someone else. He’d just have to remind them how lucky they were. “I thought the usual was working for you. Huh, I guess we’ll have to try something different.”

Imayoshi: Imayoshi would be amused and in no way threatened. He would act as he normally would with his partner, maybe even a bit sweeter, and would keep a close eye on the people they interact with. If there were guys that his partner spent too much time with, he made it a priority to have a little chat with them. When it came to how he would deal with his partner, Imayoshi would give them a little ‘punishment.’ “Ah, (Y/N)-chan~ You shouldn’t have made me worry like that. If you had actually meant it, I would’ve been jealous.” (I can also imagine the neck thing)

Wakamatsu: Wakamatsu would be freaking out over this. He thought that things were going really well with his partner, so why would they look for someone else? Were his teammates right? Was he really that loud and annoying? Besides his worries, the first thing that would come to his mind was that Aomine was stealing his love from him. Confronting the lazy ace, Aomine would deny it all and get so fed up that he would take Wakamatsu to his partner so they could work it out themselves. “I love you, (Y/N)! I know I’m obnoxious, but I can work on it! Please stay with me!”