mine: jared padalecki

So I’ve been taking a technology class at school and currently we’re learning to use photoshop effectively.

It all started with this:

when I learned you could move bits of the face around to other places.

So naturally, I thought, hey! lets try it out on some celebrities, this ought to be a good laugh.

BAM BITCHES. many laughs. but what about on a guy?

Okay, I admit. Not as good as my last one. Maybe Jared’ll work better.

Awww baby fetus jared alien padalecki.

They grow up so fast *wipes tear*

This went on for quite a while

yes, quite a while. 

Until I thought - ‘hey, maybe I should take movie screenshots and do those!’ It seemed like an awesome idea. the thing about screencaps is that you get more of a natural face because the person isn’t posing, so I thought I would give it a shot. I decided to start with Harry Potter.

I don’t know what this looks like but it makes me laugh, so naturally, I continued.



Not my best work here but.. yeah

And then, going through the characters in the movie, I came to…