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HP Presents ‘Burn’ an interactive video performance

remus smearing jam onto baby harry’s head and lifting him into the air singing the circle of life. lily and peter losing it. james and sirius looking at him like he’d finally gone mad. ignore the fact the movie wasn’t out yet

okay but peter pettigrew:

  • always keeping sweets in his pockets to give to his friends if they seemed down
  • feeling absolutely on top of the world whenever he made his mates laugh
  • being the one to discover how to get into the kitchens and running full speed back to the common room where he is congratulated with whoops and slaps on the back and exclamations of ‘you tickle the pear? you’re a genius pete! completely mad but a genius!’
  • always being put on watch out duty during pranks because teachers feel sorry for him so he gets away with more shit and putting on a big show of being annoyed that he always has to be watch out but actually not minding because he likes feeling helpful
  • pestering james to eat his breakfast the mornings of big quidditch matches
  • being the first person sirius turns to if he is plotting revenge against one of the others for laughing at his failed attempts to style his hair or stealing from his supply of sugar quills under his bed because ‘pete’s a real mate, you can trust pete, unlike some people i can think of’
  • always being the person to go on food runs for remus after full moons because somehow he can always guess exactly what remus will feel like eating once he wakes up
  • coming down into the common room one night a few weeks after lily’s parents died and finding her curled up on one of the armchairs crying and not saying anything but just quietly sitting next to her and holding her hand for a while until she stops crying and gives him a watery smile and the next day slipping her a chocolate frog (but asking for the card back when he realises its one he hasn’t got) 
  • always being the first person to fall asleep in their dormitory which makes everybody resort to lobbing balled up pairs of socks and bits of parchment at him because he won’t stop snoring and none of them notice that this slowly stops becoming a problem in seventh year because he spends more and more nights lying awake absolutely terrified about whatever is coming but he doesn’t tell his mates because he doesn’t want them to think he’s a coward 
  • (he doesn’t realise they are all scared shitless too) 

harry potter character aesthetics » nobody is white (3/?)

hermione granger: a black trans girl who, dealing with discrimination in the muggle world as well as the wizarding one, decides to create a hogwarts support group for people of color and the lgbtq+ community so they can convene in a safe and friendly environment. she also spearheads the movement to educate hogwarts students on various social justice issues.