Sam + Incredible Courage

Sam is courageous. I think that’s something we all know. Marie in “Fan Fiction” calls Sam “brave, sweet, selfless”, those three most defining traits that make up Sam’s very core (although I’d add ‘hopeful’ to that list). But I think the true breadth of Sam’s bravery is something that is rarely talked about enough. Here I want to talk about all the ways in which Sam is brave, from the very obvious ‘throwing himself into the path of danger’ to the seemingly small acts of courage that let Sam pick himself up and begin again from nothing.

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Time of Death. Anna/Ruby. Semi-Canon Compliant. WIP. [AO3]

Anael fell from grace with a smile, but life on earth wasn’t as she expected. Dropped in feudalist Europe, Anna finds safety living in a church basement with a quartet of girls— Genevieve, Josephine, Meghan, and Tamara. But soon enough she learns their dirty little secrety; they’re a coven of witches and Josephine’s true name is Abaddon, their leader. 

Running away from the chapel in fear, Anna ends up staying with a priest named Michael but continues to visit the pretty blonde girl, Genevieve, in secret. Genevieve whispers in the dark how she’s trying to find a cure for the bubonic plague with her witchcraft and how she has fallen in love with blood red ruby locket her mother gave her before she died.

But things spiral out of control, with every suspicious girl being accused of witchcraft and the excorcisms Michael is holding in the church at night, Anna fears for the future.


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