THE SPN GIF CHALLENGE: martyrdeans vs yaelstiel

prompt : season 5 + favorite episode ☛ The Song Remains The Same

“Our names are Dean and Sam Winchester. We’re named after your parents. When I would get sick, you would make me tomato-rice soup, because that’s what your mom made you. And instead of a lullaby, you would sing “Hey Jude”, ‘cause that’s your favorite Beatles song.”

Homewrecker; Part 4

Summary: While helping your best friend plan her wedding, your attention is drawn more and more to her hubby to be. The choice is simple; give in to lust or be true to your friend?

Character: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3353
Warnings: Smut, mild language, a best friend named Stephanie (OC), an old boyfriend named Keith (OC)

A/N: Just a warning beforehand; this part really sucks. At least, I really think it sucks. But still, I do hope there’s still someone out there who likes it, lol. I’m just glad I got to finish it! x

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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I’ve posted several SPN Valentine’s Day Icon packages over the past few weeks, so I decided to consolidate them all into one post to make it easier for you to find them. 

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Castiel/Destiel Icons

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Destiel Icons

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