Imagine Sherlock finding out about Major Sholto and being so jealous that he needed to talk to John about his “previous commander”, Sherlock being upset John never mentioned him, that John thinks Sholto is the most unsociable person he’s ever met. Imagine Sherlock going crazy with jealousy that he googled just who this major sholto is. Oh wait..

Sherlock makes himself out to be this superior, emotionless bastard to everybody. This arrogant dickhead that thinks himself above everyone. When we see the reality in his mind palace in HLV.

Molly slaps him and shouts at him. Repeatedly.
His brother insults him, tells him he’s stupid, that he’s going to die, that their parents are disappointed in him, and that the east wind is coming to get him.
He relives Mary shooting him- this time she is in her wedding dress.
This is the woman married to his best friend.
This is the woman he chose.
Moriarty is chained up in a padded cell and tells him to “just die already” as he is literally writhing and crying in pain on the ground.
Through all of this- John is nowhere to be seen. Why?
Probably because he couldn’t take it.

It is so painfully blatant that Sherlock thinks so lowly of himself and does all that he can to make people obliviously believe he feels the exact opposite.
Yeah. What a machine.

Sherlock and John are in trouble and something bad is about happen until Sally and Lestrade show up and Sally is the one to take down Mary.

Yes. Let it be canon.