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From now on, I will be censoring my own picture on any screenshots.  I recently had a viewer (I say “viewer” because I don’t think he follows me) find my personal OKC account and message me.  The message was harmless, but it kind of freaked me out.  I’ve had a follower message me on one of the fake accounts, but it’s never happened on my real account and it made me realize that I’m not comfortable with that.  I’ll probably make the color of my censor circle hot pink so it doesn’t get confused with the light pink that I use for messages sent from females.  

I don’t know why I’m announcing this.  Maybe I felt like you all needed to know.  Anyway, back to our regularly scheduled shenanigans.     

It’s been an angry night but at least my hair and makeup look niceish.

Also if anyone has some tricks for using clamps to do finger waves (or just 40’s hair advice for hair as short as mine in general), that would improve my evening.

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katie morgie/mama
Age (if you’re comfortable!): nineteen
How old were you when you first started RP-ing?: fourteen. 
Height: 5’4 1/2
OC’s or Canons?: i’ve tried my hand at both but i mainly stick to canons for now though i have had ideas for ocs, i mainly develop them into my own personal writing and save rping for my canon characters. but i really have no issue in playing with either!well developed ocs are my life i love reading all the hard work that someone’s put into making a character. not that developing a canon character isn’t just as difficult. 
Prefer to play females or males?: females.
Favorite face claim to play: katie mcgrath
Least favorite face claim: is this for mine or in general? bc i personally have no preference, really. 

Worst rp experience ever:

when you’re a tumblr veteran like me, you’ve got plenty but i had a very very possessive partner who really didn’t like me roleplaying with other people and got blackmail-y with it. but it was something i had to go through bc i’m a lot more willing to say no to people now. 

Fluff, angst, or smut?: definitely the middle though i occasionally like a bit of fluff ; though it always turns to angst somehow it’s a gift idk. but never smut really unless it’s a plot point - i just find it awkward to write personally. 
Most overused FC: again, idk if this is me or others but i’ve had katie for three characters now so whoops. 

Worst character you’ve ever played:
prolly callisto from xena warrior princess. it’s not that she’s bad it’s just nobody really knew who she was so laughs. 

Favorite type of plot:
A N G S T. if it tears my heart out then i’m bound to love it. though i really do like writing action-y things. 

At what time of day is your writing the best?:
really early morning or when i’m just about to go to sleep. when it’s early in the morning, my ideas are more creative cos i’ve just been dreaming and stuff and that often inspires me and as for writing at night i guess i’m just??? less concerned about whether it’s any good or not so it’s always natural and seems to strangely come out okay idk. 

Are you anything like your muse?:
prolly too much. 

Worst thing about RP (in general or on Tumblr): 
the fact that people scream about them having the right to rp with who they want then getting shitty when other people don’t want to rp with them. i also hate hate hate the game playing that goes on here. 

To end on a good note — best thing about RP?:everything else. i’ve made amazing friends on here and developed and honed my skills and honestly, it’s my favourite thing to do. there are truly talented people on here and i’m so glad i found out about rping. 

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6 Similarities between Mun and Muse

  • we both have occasional breakdowns
  • neither of us like the taste of coffee or tea
  • we both like scifi books
  • both literature enthusiasts
  • both attempt to judge others by their own merits

6 Differences between Mun and Muse

  • mortality vs immortality
  • Michael’s anxity seems to be classified closer to PTSD while mine is a general anxiety disorder
  • Michael likes the taste of straight vodka
  • Mun is more intested in TV then Muse
  • Mun prefers writing fiction while Michael likes writing poetry
  • Mun can drive ;)

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Just a general PSA:

My muse likes to develop their relationships before they decide if they want to be romantically involved with yours. Now, I know that some of you want to interact in that lovey-dovey way from the get go because OTPs do crazy things to us, but my muse has no idea what to do with that. If it’s their first interaction everhow is he supposed to know what their relationship even is? Is it loving? Hating? Teasing? Ridiculously one sided puppy love? Muse has no idea! So, please, before you ask me to do romantic memes, please give me some general starters so I get a feel of how our babies act together. :)

This doesn’t count for just OC’s; this is for canon characters as well. Different people RP different ways, so the relationship of a certain MUN’s canon character may very totally different compared to another’s. 

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cocoa’s older sis is called mocha btw

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I usually just list my most reblogged fandoms and/or favourite fandoms! No need to include every single thing you reblog because that will easily get really long. :) I have mine organized by general, animanga, television, and film.

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September 10, 2014 | 10:50 AM

I always thought there was a problem with life. Not particular mine, but life in general. I feel like we never get enough time to stare at our ceiling or at a blank wall and try to sort out our thoughts. I am a writer, but it is sometimes difficult to filter out my mind and articulate what I want to say. We never have enough time to figure out what is going on. “This is life in the making”, but why is the process so slow yet so short? Life is full of opportunities, so we can make many stupid decisions and find ourselves back on our feet again. To live everyday knowing that death could steal everything from us—what do we do if we have no tomorrow? “Live everyday as if it’s your last!” they say, but that does not seem convenient.