8/22 10:56 PM PST
  • Nicole:I didn’t know that he really cuddles.
  • Christine:He cuddled with Frankie.
  • Frankie:Mhmm.
  • Cody and Victoria:Always.
  • Derrick:Frankie’s like, ‘Oh yeah, always.’
  • Victoria:What was your showmance name?
  • Frankie:Zankie. We were like immediately zankie, from the beginning. And he, um, there was like a night where he like rubbed my back until I fell asleep.
  • Victoria:Whaaaaaat?
  • Frankie:*Shifty eyes.* Yeah… it was talked about. (in the DR)
  • Nicole:You guys were in love.
  • Cody:In the beginning of the season he literally said to me ‘I want to fuck Frankie.’
  • Derrick:What!?
  • Cody:Day two!
  • Christine:Yeah, no, he kept saying that in the first couple weeks. He said that a lot actually.
  • Frankie:He says that to me all the time. He was like ‘I don’t understand but I want to have sex with you.’
  • Derrick:Okay, now we understand why he was so hurt when you told him the truth about who you really were! He’s like ‘I thought we had something!’
  • Frankie:I know. He might have been in love with me. It’s possible.
  • Victoria:He was.
  • Derrick:Frankie’s like the boyfriend in the relationship and is like ‘Baby, baby I’m sorry.’ And we’re all like ‘What the fuck, why is he so upset!?’
  • Frankie:I know, that’s kind of how I felt. I was like, why are you so upset? I don’t understand.
  • Christine:That’s so weird, he’s always like ‘If I was gay I would eff Frankie in a heartbeat.’
  • Frankie:He had his chance.
  • Frankie:Maybe Zach’s in the jury house being like ‘I miss Frankie so much, I mean, I think he’s the guy for me.’
  • Christine:It’s a definite possibility.

People say don’t judge a book by its cover, so I read the back instead and the first sentence was “What if God was a teenage boy?”

Well, we’d probably all be dead for one thing

"While I am incredibly excited for Big Hero 6, I can’t help but worry about the company with the fact that Honey Lemon does resemble Rapunzel and the white-washing of two Asian characters (even if the source material was racist). It makes me feel like Disney’s not willing to take big risks and step out of their comfort zones compared to their competitors like Dreamworks and Laika."