Champions League 14/15 group stage draw:

Group A: Atletico, Juve, Olympiakos, Malmo
Group B: Real Madrid, Basel, Liverpool, Ludogorets
Group C: Benfica, Zenit, Leverkusen, Monaco
Group D: Arsenal, Dortmund, Galatasaray, Anderlecht
Group E: Bayern Munich, Man City, CSKA, Roma
Group F: Barcelona, PSG, Ajax, APOEL
Group G: Chelsea, Schalke, Sporting Lisbon, Maribor.
Group H: Porto, Shakhtar, Athletic Bilbao, BATE.

Palm Reading

Sesshomaru peered down at the crown of midnight black hair currently bowed over his hand. At the Miko’s insistence, and he suspected procrastination from her morning chores, she had offered to read his palm. A ridiculous whim which he had decided to indulge.

"Aha!" Kagome exulted, turning to the Daiyoukai with an impish grin—as if she had discovered a great secret. Perhaps she had. "This here," Kagome pointed to a tiny, faint cross mark on the mound that connected his thumb, "indicates that you harbor a deep, unrequited love!"

He blinked, a fine brow lifting in mild surprise. Well, the Miko might have some talent after all. Kagome took his passive silence as confirmation, her smile grew wide with scandal. 

"I’m right aren’t I? Oooh who could the unsuspecting woman be!" She crowed in delight, her hand coming up to her chin to stroke a mock beard in deep thought. "Who could have caught the eye of the Mighty Lord Sesshomaru and dare deny his suit?" 

The beginnings of a wry smirk tugged at his lips. Golden eyes took in the all too pleased miko through silver lashes. If she had bothered to see beyond what was in front of her…If she would only note the subtle way his fingers instinctively curled with the desire to catch her hand that still hovered above his palm—or to the way the fur of his mokomoko fell over her feet to warm her from the morning chill…she would have found the answer to her own question. 

It was already enough that she belonged to his brother; must her naivete also serve as a reminder? Unrequited indeed. 

"Hn. You are as blind as you are insightful," Sesshomaru huffed in amusement. His reply caused Kagome’s cheshire grin to melt into an adorable pout. One that, had she been paying attention, would have noticed how the Daiyoukai leaned slightly forward with the barely restrained impulse to kiss.


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