reasons I don't miss high school

the worst types of girls in high school are the ones that get hot and bothered when other girls wear cute outfits , heels , hats , etc to school. and make comments or posts on social media like “#stopwearingheelstoschool2k15” why does another girls wardrobe choice concern you at all, does it actually bother you or are you just jealous because you wish you could wear it without thinking twice what other chicks would say? “will they think it’s too much” “does it look like im trying to hard” FUCK THAT. clothing is just a way to express yourself people should be able to wear whatever they want , wherever they want and you shouldn’t feel obligated to make any snide comments because we all know you’re just envious. bye.

The signs at Disneyland
  • Aries:Will probably shove past small children to run to the front of the theatre to get good seats for shows. Sings disney songs at the top of their lungs for the ENTIRE TRIP. Probably follows the parade and pretends to be a part of it. Rides their fave ride like 5 times in a row.
  • Taurus:doesn't rly plan anything and just wants to like, chill and stroll thru main street. why y'all rushin? chill out. get some ice cream. probably really likes the tiki room bc you get to sit in the air conditioning for like 20 minutes heck yeah.
  • Gemini:has probably tried like all of the sweets because like, they're SPECIAL DISNEYLAND sweets and they're SHAPED LIKE MICKEY MOUSE and they HAVE TO EAT THEM ALL because this is a ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE. Probably has a constant sugar rush and needs to chill.
  • Cancer:tears up at everything because they're reminded of their childhood and they're just so happy 2 be in disneyland. why are they crying. this is so amazjng. oh my gosh. life is beautiful. buys them self ice cream first thing probably.
  • Leo:ride ALL THE ROLLER-COASTERS. Probably takes selfies next to everything and sends them to all their friends.
  • Virgo:probably has a full itinerary of everything theyre gonna do and will try to do absolutely EVERYTHING
  • Libra:cant form a full sentence without getting distracted by something and interrupting themselves to point out something shiny over there and is amazed by all the plants they have like, where did they even get all these plants
  • Scorpio:Fakes an injury so they can get a wheelchair and skip all the long lines HOLLAAAAA
  • Sagittarius:finds their favorite ride and rides it so many times in a row that the guy managing the ride just lets them stay there for a couple more rounds. Forces their friends/family to wait in line with them to take pictures with all the characters.
  • Capricorn:decides that since the ticket price is so high, the logical most efficient course of action is to try and ride every single ride in one day. Probably wants to take pictures with every face character but doesn't want to wait in line for it
  • Aquarius:takes pictures of EVERYTHING and posts them all on facebook. Makes friends with random strangers in line and on rides. Embarrasses their friends/family by singing every disney song they can think of as loud as they can in a constant stream. temporarily falls in love with every random hot stranger they see
  • Pisces:probably buys a lot of souvenirs or pin-trades. Skips and dances through the streets like the whole time and waits like 5 hours just to see the fireworks from the very very front.