being a real madrid fan means struggling for the first 35 minutes only to be rewarded by three goals and a fucking spectacular game

On behalf of all of your fans, taylorswift, we would like to say thank you!

Thank you for joining Tumblr, and following and interacting with so many of us. You have no idea how much you can brighten our days by just one click of a button. It’s been so much fun having you here with us, and we hope you decide to stick around for a long time.

Thank you for all of the hard work that you put into your music. Making an album isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to create an entire new sound, like you wanted to do with 1989. I’m confident that you succeeded and that we’re all going to love 1989, and it will quickly become everyone’s favorite album. We can’t wait to hear it!

Thank you for being our best friend and older sister. We all really appreciate all of the advice you’ve given us, like to “never forget the essence of your spark”, or that “it’s never too late to be brand new”.

Thank you for always staying true to who you are. It’s so easy to let fame overwhelm you and change who you are, but you haven’t let that happen. You’re still the same girl with wide eyes and a dream that one day she can make music for the whole world to relate to. Except it’s not a dream anymore. It’s your life now.

Thank you for inspiring us to become better people. You’ve taught us to be kind to everyone, even if they’re not so kind to us.

Thank you for everything else that we haven’t mentioned here. We love you so, so much.