i cannot imagine the range of emotions louis has gone through in these past few days. his literal actual partner in crime of 5 years, his closest friend in the band, fucked off in the middle of a tour for possibly good reasons, maybe not though, and now his best fucking friend has gone completely ghost, left him and the other three scrambling to pick up the pieces, and now zayn’s new best friend is literally taunting louis with the music zayn made fucking like ‘look how good he’s doing without you.’ i really hope ot4 have each other’s backs rn. i hope theyre cuddling and drinking comforting beverages. i hope theyve all had a good cry and they’re on the mend now. but i really hope that they’re taking care of louis

Im so conflicted. I thought Zayn was leaving for his health and happiness. To be a normal 22 year old… Not to jump right into a solo album with NB… I just..

like, i legit want to be happy for zayn and hope he’s successful in all of his future endeavors, but fuck - they shouldn’t have presented this “stressed, want to be normal” narrative if he was immediately going to record solo music with naughty boy (who is being unbelievably disrespectful and crossing lines with grieving fans/band members). nothing is lining up, stories are completely different, i’m disappointed, confused, worried for the boys. i just don’t know how to feel about this situation anymore, i really don’t.