"Perhaps the most unique thing about you will only emerge when you aren’t looking, when you are instead agreeing to take part in some no-pay workshop of a show called, say, Rent, and where you’ll discover that, oh my God, I am actually Idina Menzel. A total unknown who became a total original, just by being herself.”

—Playbill’s New Advice Column Shares the Secret to Becoming the Next Mindy Kaling or Idina Menzel

The unstoppable majesty of Chris Messina


Chris Messina suffers from “John C. Reilly syndrome:” great actor, not-so-great recognition.

He’s added value to every project he’s been involved with, and despite being noticed for his work, he continues to float beneath the radar of mainstream recognition. He should have a bevy of award nominations; his knighthood is long overdue. Yet, he continues to turn in superlative performances, time and time again, his labors going without the rewards that should accrue from such a body of work



The Mindy Project on E! News
October 20, 2014

Thank you @snarkysara!

I really didn't want to do another rant-y post, but I've been driven to it...

Wow. So now some Mindy Project fans are hoping for a cancellation and don’t want a season 4 because the romance isn’t as YOU wanted? You know what…don’t wish for the death of the show that I LOVE! Please and thank you.

I seriously cannot believe that people who consider themselves fans of this show are voicing the opinion that they want it not to be renewed. WTF?

It’s not angsty. GET OVER IT! There are sweet moments, but not every scene is going to be lovey-dovey AND it’s not just MINDY AND DANNY. There is a whole show of other people to focus on. I’m sick of people projecting their desires onto what the they think the WRITERS SHOULD DO!
People don’t think this show can last another season? Why because the angst is gone? The angst is the biggest part of why you watch? Seriously? I watch The Mindy Project. A funny show with flawed characters, big laughs, love, and a whole lot more.

Again, I think this is about people not getting what THEY want. Not enjoying what the show is GIVING us.  It’s like they are trying to build this up to undeliverable expectations, only to get pissed again at what happens on the show.

You know what I’ve noticed this season? A lot of the little touches that we are told Chris added himself haven’t happened. He’s not doing the same things he did during season 2. And I see this as him acting on his “Danny’s too soft” that he mentioned last season. Can’t blame the writers for that change.

I was asked today what I thought of last week’s episode, probably because people are as sick as me of the negativity of a great show? LOVED IT! So funny! One of the best episodes of the whole series. I loved Danny and Mindy together. The opening scene was hysterical! People complain this season is moving too fast, then when they have moment in time relationship stuff, they complain? Jeeeez. I loved all the time at the doctor’s office and hospital and the entire cast being together. We need that! Deb Deb was FANTASTIC! I loved Jeremy and Peter bonding and working together. And Jeremy’s dancing! Mindy planning to win over the new boss was so her. Chris and Mindy in the charade scene were absolutely amazing! I love Danny saving his girl! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I wonder if the #askingdoesn’tsuck crew #asked Chris about his thoughts about I Slipped last night? I would love to know his thoughts.

anonymous said:

Gosh those new pics!!!!! romance anyone?

RIGHT?!?!?! These stills are riddled with crazy, stupid love eyes and smiles and it warms my heart so damn much. I’m really, really, REALLY looking forward to hearing/seeing some of the things from the sides too.

Also, Mindy’s va-va-voom hair?!?!?!


and sweaty Danny in the hoodie of hotness (thanks to imadandylioness for that phrase) and short shorts?!?!?


plus this face


these faces


and THIS!!!



I am unimpressed with today. And that picture was taken before I even had the full grasp of what all was unimpressionable. 

I had to call seven people back about the Bazaar. I emailed three. And I need to process four checks. 
I need to catch up on my bills. 
I contacted everyone about small group Friday and what they are bringing. Although, I will not be there.
I made sure Mark can have the kids for an extra day (Thursday) so I am all set for Emmaus this weekend.
I should pack?
Work crap…it is never ending. But, I got called “the bomb” yesterday…so that is good?? And testing *cross fingers* seems to be going better today. 
I was able to skype with Mindy today which was absolutely fantastic. And the highlight of my day.
I haven’t consumed anything today other than chocolate cake and coffee.
I am starving and should eat…..I really should! *got the shakes*
I need to do laundry, but that is seeming less than impossible right now.
Mark needs to borrow the Jeep, so I am going to pick up something good for dinner and hide myself away for the evening (its my kid free night).
I don’t know what else. My brain only seems to want to remember a couple things at a time.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I am not sure I am quite ready to unplug…but I will be. And it will be needed. Thursday - Sunday I will be off the grid. Cell phones aren’t really allowed. So, I am just going to put it away and forget about it. Its gonna be weird. I haven’t done that in a while!

OK, I am going to take a break from work, put a bra on, head to the store and then be home for the night. :P