I love The Mindy Project and I adore Mindy Kaling, however, I am growing tired of the weight and appearance jokes which showcase themselves on her show. Some defend it, saying it’s just her sense of humor, that self deprecation has always been an important comedic tool, but why? Why is it funny to make fun of yourself because of your looks, weight, etc? It’s not. Tearing oneself down because of incorrect societal expectations of a person is destructive. I have a past with eating disorders and insecurity issues and my main defense mechanism was self deprecating humor. This is why I won the title “Best Sense of Humor” shortly before I graduated. Self deprecating humor effectively plays into the oppressive power institutions which govern and shape society. These institutions try to make us whiter, thinner, sexier, etc. “Fat” jokes on The Mindy Project and other sitcoms are just extensions of the distorted and oppressive power institutions which seek to control and devalue us in the name of marketing, racism, ableism, sexism, profit, etc. I’m not placing this solely on Mindy’s shoulders, I understand she’s just one person, one player, in a much larger world which employs self deprecating humor. I understand it’s also the responsibility of network execs, writers, comedians, producers, and actors. What I need is a more supportive and celebratory form of comedy.I need a form of comedy that subverts societal prejudices. I need jokes that make me laugh without making me think about skipping my next meal.

via semiscaryspice after she and I had a long discussion about self deprecating humor’s place on The Mindy Project

anonymous said:

Oh could you write something to further the line of thoughts and reasoning running through Danny's mind after his conversation with Cliff? and also I really your angsty fics so please maybe more about that? :P Thanks in advance

I love writing angsty fic, so I’m sure more will come sooner rather than later. Thank you kindly for the compliment.

How about this though for where Danny was as he watched Cliff carry away his most prized possession?:

Danny Castellano is the kind of happy that he didn’t think would ever happen to him again. He’s the kind of happy that feels like you’re about to spin off the planet out into the cosmos and you wouldn’t even care. Every minute of the day that he used to spend hoping maybe she could want or need him the way he wants and needs her he now spends knowing that she’ll be back in his arms as soon as she can possibly get to him. She’s absolutely, positively permeating every aspect of his life and he loves it.

But he’s afraid of it too. When he let himself be this happy before, the fracturing of that relationship almost shattered him too. There are nights where he stares into the dark and listens to her breathe and feels like he’s about to spin off the planet; he’s just so terrified that it could be over in the blink of an eye. So he draws these stupid lines, like they could possibly give him some modicum of control over his life. Don’t leave your things here, don’t even try to get to know my mom ‘cause she’ll hate you.

He pushes and waits for the push back, the little sign that she wants to fight for this. Instead she makes a face he doesn’t really understand and walks away again, and when the door shuts behind her he feels even more empty and adrift. 

Then. Then. Cliff Gilbert looks around Danny’s pristine, Mindyless apartment and says there’s no sign of her here.

It’s such a foolish thing to say. When Danny looks around he sees her everywhere - sleeping on his sofa with a bowl of melting ice cream in her hand, tinkering on his piano wearing nothing but panties and one of his tees, trying awkwardly to do yoga in front of the TV (which isn’t even on a yoga programme, she’s watching House Hunters International) and… Danny knows that he’s the fool here, not Cliff. It shouldn’t have taken this long for him to figure this out. 

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

It is so fucking stupid that it took someone outside of their relationship to show him what it really looked like, but if loving Mindy Lahiri has taught him anything at all, it’s that being the best version of yourself isn’t about being perfect, it’s about being willing to try again.

So he tries again.

The Mindy Project is UP!

It’s not much, and it’s just the overnight ratings so far, but TMP was up 10% from last week! The New Girl (like most other shows) was down, yet TMP was UP!!!

That’s the kind of thing Fox is looking for. Viewer retention, stability, even a little increase like this maybe. With TNG rating 1.2 and TMP 1.1, there’s really no reason for Fox to just air the former for 22 episodes and the latter for only 15. Mindy said in October they should know if they’re extending the season or not. One more week of stable ratings, plus the positive critical response to the show this year, plus how well it’s doing with online viewing platforms, PLUS all the media attention and trending data…

I’m feeling a little more hopeful.

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Cliff had the best and worst moments of the episode. I almost spit out my drink when Cliff said "whoa mama" to his greasy pizza. I also love that he was going to burn the Yankee seat. But I hated the whole "there's no trace of Mindy here." crap. I don't enjoy when they have other characters make random observations to get the main character to "realize something." Danny was so obnoxious about the suitcase thing. I don't know how much I'm going to love them together if they keep Danny this way.

I loved the pizza moment too as well as “well well well well well well well well well well”.

I also didn’t care for the “there’s no trace of Mindy here” either. It worked for me wirh Amy in You’ve Got Sext but not here mostly because Cliff’s inclusion in the plot of Mindy’s tax fraud ridiculous.

He is not even a tax attorney. The practice has a lawyer, she has dated an accountant, and Mindy needs to stop relying on ex boyfriends to do stuff for her when there are plenty of alternatives available. Then to find out Danny never got divorced (lalalala not listening show) in order for even him to be in the apartment at all. It makes the contrivance that much worse.

As for Danny with the suitcase I felt this was writing characters as dumb for sale of plot. Danny has been shown to be much more emotionally intelligent about Mindy and her feelings. Making him that oblivious about her leaving her stuff there was making him stupid. I really hope they don’t continue this way with Danny either..

What I REALLY don’t want to see is them making Danny the source of most the screw ups since Mindy is the main character. A lot of shows fall into this trap and it makes that character really unlikable. I really appreciated the balance of flaws in the first 2 episodes and I hope they return to that.

  • Mindy:Okay, my butt does not sounds like fat Marlon Brando.
  • Danny:I know what your butt sounds like, don't tell me!
  • Me:...
  • Me:...
  • Me:How...
  • Me:is this...
  • Me:Explain your talent to me Mindy Kaling and fellow writers?!?!
  • Me:How???

Okay, so a couple of things here to discuss for those of us who are spoiled for episode 3x04.


The name of the episode appears to have been changed from “It Slipped” to “I Slipped” which to me sounds huge. “It” implied a certain body part slipping into a certain hole which was very racy but hilarious to me. “I” can imply that Mindy is the one who just slipped while intoxicated, which could have led to the accident noted in the above picture from Fox. Yes, the info under these pictures is sometimes totally wrong, I know. But if they had to change things up the way I’m thinking, it’s kind of a shame. I was never offended or nervous about the sides for this episode - I thought it would just be very edgy and might get some press, making other perverts tune in to watch LOL. Oh well, I’m just thinking out loud.

If they cut the scene with Danny tying Mindy to the bed, I will lose my mind though…


what i loved

  • how cute danny looked in the last scene
  • the whole dresser thing at the end <3
  • morgan and mindy listening to that lawyer or whatever talk about the emoji vs rent situation
  • callback to mindy’s use of men’s deodorant and then cliff said something like ‘you should tell me the brand’
  • also i like that brendan always says hi to mindy first i feel like she’s still his favorite gyno
  • PETER’S ACCENTS DURING THE PHONE CALL and how quickly it became a train wreck and that morgan was fooled. that was the best

what i liked

  • mindy grumbling about using the national parks but not being able to name one
  • mindy getting mad at taxes and such during her dinner with cliff
  • that danny is into the females of grease
  • the joke that mindy is willing to give a blow job in the office but not willing to dress up like rizzo because ‘it’s demeaning’

what i did not like

  • i think the bit about jeremy forgetting english slang/terms could have been funnier. it was a fun idea but the whole lift/blift/whatever thing just didn’t pay off for me