Making Money Online Selling Photos: Top 3 Ways

Making Money Online Selling Photos: Top 3 Ways

Whether or not you are a professional photographer with the best camera, it doesn’t matter. You can make money online selling photos. There are a number of possible ways in which you can do this but three of them stand out. These methods of earning an income selling photographs are quite common but they work. As long as you know what the customer wants, you have the potential to take a share in…

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Top Gift Ideas for Easy Overseas Mailing

Top Gift Ideas for Easy Overseas Mailing

Overseas mailing tends to be expensive but there are some great gifts that you can send that can keep your expenses down. These items may be shipped in a regular or padded envelope. The weight is low, therefore making them easier to send. The shape of the products also helps with this aspect. While the ideas might not be new, there are always original designs being added to the selection.


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Unique Travel Mug Design Makes Great Gift Idea

Unique Travel Mug Design Makes Great Gift Idea

A great bright design to cheer you or someone special throughout the day. Personalize and customize this beautiful travel mug by clicking on the image. Find more ideas at

Bright Sun on Blue Sky Digital Art Coffee Mug by Minds4Art
Put your photos on mug designs at

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Become an Photo Artist - No Expensive Equipment Required

Become an Photo Artist – No Expensive Equipment Required

If you are a person who wants to become a photo artist but you don’t have the expensive equipment, you don’t have to be concerned. Even the best of artists started out from the beginning with the cheapest and most basic of equipment.

There are a few things required to become a photo artist. You do need a camera and possibly some editing software. However, using your regular digital camera is…

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Make Traditional Gift Items Special

Make Traditional Gift Items Special

There are various traditional gift items that you can purchase that are considered to be pretty safe. However, when you want something different, you might need a few ideas. You don’t have to stray very far from the traditional items if you customize the presents.

For example, you can go to the store to buy a mug that many other people have simply because of the demand for the item. It might be a…

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Check the Time with this Scenic Clock

Check the Time with this Scenic Clock

Clocks make great gifts but they are also common household items. They are practical and just by having something different in design, you can create a whole new look to the room. If you want something creative and beautiful, check out this new clock design.

The image was created from a photograph of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. It was edited for color.

Rainbow Mountains and Coast Water Canada…

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Beautiful Blue and Orange Necktie Design

Beautiful Blue and Orange Necktie Design

Personalize or customize this beautiful blue and orange necktie to make it into the perfect gift or addition to your own collection. Click on the image to have a closer look and to see your customizing options.

Bright Sun on Blue Sky Digital Art Necktie by Minds4Art
Create one-of-a-kind personalized photo ties from

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Unique Gift Ideas: Beautiful Keepsake Box with English Design

Unique Gift Ideas: Beautiful Keepsake Box with English Design

Keepsake boxes are practical and beautiful gifts. This particular item has a digitally altered image of homes in Eastbourne, England. To customize and personalize, click the image.

England Building Reflections Blue Digital Art Gift Box by Minds4Art
See more Eastbourne Gift Boxes at

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Beautiful Necktie to Make You Stand Out

Beautiful Necktie to Make You Stand Out

The necktie makes a great gift or a wonderful accessory to add to your own collection. The image is of the Southern Labrador coast. It has been digitally altered for color and effects. It is a beautiful and unique necktie design that can really make you stand out. Plus, you can customize and personalize it by clicking on the image.

Labrador Coastal Waters and Sky Neckties by Minds4Art
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