I kinda hate the characters on my DP, but I don’t wanna change it back to my previous one >.>

I really need to start drawing pixel art again. Missed out on like 3 weeks of my Giveit100. x.x

Although I also want to start to learn to program again x.x

I should probably find a random Ludum Dare Theme, find a good, not so difficult to learn game engine and create pixel art for that.

In other news my first Dark Souls II Hardcore & Blind Video is out, but will be unlisted until part 2 is done uploading (with my internet it takes literally a day to upload one part).

Pretty much unedited and my mic may get annoying. Going to be trying to fix that in future videos.

They’ll generally be 1hr+ videos, as I usually just stop as soon as I need to take a toilet break, or sometimes before a boss, just in case that if part of the video stuffs up, I can still upload the boss fight.

First video might be a bit slow, as I try to get used to the controls and gameplay.

If anyone wants to see it now here’s the link: http://youtu.be/jedhOiQnT3w

Although it’s not going public until I get the next part uploaded, which has 258 minutes left as of this post.

And to those who are curious on what my voice sounds like, well here it is.