Today is the Vancouver Canucks second annual Hockey Talks day!

"Canucks Hockey Talks is part of a collective effort, with each of the Canadian NHL clubs dedicating one of their game nights in January to raising awareness and addressing misconceptions and stigma associated with mental illness; it also identifies resources available to those in need of help or support."  - Vancouver Canucks website (http://canucks.nhl.com/club/page.htm?id=86480)

A great resource for everyone/anyone is www.mindcheck.ca

2 years today, former Vancouver Canucks player Rick Rypien committed suicide. I had always loved watching him play, and it was a shock to hear of his passing. I remember in January the next year, I went to game where they honored Rick’s memory by starting their battle against Mental Illness. My dad and I bought a shirt, trying to do our thing to help out. I remember being so heart broken, thinking about what his friends and family must have been feeling throughout all of this. And little did I know, my best friend would commit suicide less than 2 weeks later.

My heart still aches for these 2 lives who left us too soon..

"It may sound absurd… but don’t be naïve,
Even heroes have the right to bleed.”

R.I.P. Rick Rypien, May 16, 1984 - August 15, 2011
R.I.P. Willie Pion October 21st, 1995 - February 1, 2012

The Canucks team store got back to me today :)

They said they ordered more Rick Rypien Mindcheck shirts and will give me a call whenever they get them in. Just a heads up to anyone that was interested in getting one of the Mindcheck shirts. Here’s the info from the Canucks site if you’re interested.