mind blown

If we want joy, satisfaction, and peace, we really have no other option but Jesus. Everywhere else we’d go would be a disaster for us. Any answer but Jesus is no answer at all. And yet, even when we run, His grace reaches us. Of course, sometimes grace looks like getting swallowed by a big fish, but what a joy anyway to know that we cannot outrun God’s sovereign love for us. His grace lays hold of us, and His grace will not let us go.
—  Matt Chandler // to live is Christ, to die is gain
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so guys listen

so Elrond’s great great grandmother is Melian the Maia right and she is said to be akin to Yvanna who is married to Aule who is the father of the Dwarves so isn’t Elrond TECHNICALLY related to ALL the dwarves because they are all descendent from the orignal seven (aule’s children)!?!?!