i) i noticed your eyes fill and your lip quiver
when you began walking down my driveway seven years ago
i should have stopped you
i’m so sorry

ii) i spent most of high school
doing what i could to ensure we never crossed paths
i think it’s because i wouldn’t have been able
to look you at you without remembering how it felt before

iii) the last time i saw you
we were in identical black robes
surrounded by 250 people we never really cared for
i wrapped my arms around your neck and
i told you that you deserved better
i meant it
i still mean it

iv) he told me you asked how i’ve been
let me know when you’re back in town
i’d love to see you
i remember how it felt before
i still mean it
i’m so sorry

—  messages i’ll never bother sending. (pt. 2)
Fuck the dude who works in OSN.

I ordered Money In The Band and payed for it few days ago but when I called right now they said it won’t air for me cause of something that dude who worked there did. I want my money back.


Anyway, I want a link streaming money in the bank, gimme? 

Det finns bara en önskan jag har.. Som jag aldrig kommer få uppfylld.. Bara när jag dör.. Och det är att få dig tillbaka.. Min kärlek till dig.. Och smärtan jag har går inte att beskriva.. Det gör mig tokig.. Jag vill ha dig nu min älskade Dicaprio.. Nu nu nu!!! För jag älskar dig så mycket.. Och jag behöver dig.. NU!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #rip #imissu #minbästavän