RuroKen Location Site Tour <9> Minakuchi Kodomo-no Mori, Shiga Prefecture

Minakuchi Kodomo-no Mori (Minakuchi Children’s Forest) is an educational park about village forest in Koka City.
In the north of this park stands the house where Arai Seiku lives with his wife and his baby Iori.

(Photo 1&2)

You can see the construction staffs have changed the roof, set a wooden fence, and added lots of decorations.

From another angle.

(Photo 3&4)

In the left of Photo 4, there are some fish-like streamers, right?
These are called ‘Koi Nobori (flying carp)’ and usually displayed around May 5th (Tango-no-sekku) to wish for the healthy growth of boys.

(Photo 5&6)

Inside of this house.
Originally, the fireplace is placed on the earth floor, but in the film, it is in the middle of the living room floor.

Photos 7 to 11 are from the website ‘Shiga Location Guide’.
They show details inside Seiku’s house.

If you turn around, you’ll see a small bridge and a small hut.

(Photo 12)

This is the place where Kenshin came running blowing a pinwheel.

(Photo 13)

Don’t forget to take a pinwheel with you! LOL

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