Rob: Where are you going?
Nicki: Imma go buy some lacefronts for the baby.
Rob: You’re buying what for the baby?
Nicki: A pink lacefront.
Rob: No, I’m sorry. I have to draw the line somewhere. Our son is not going to wear a pink wig.
Nicki: Why not? You think I’m gonna make him gay?
Rob: No. And I would be fine with it if little Robert Douglas Thomas Spunk Ransom Onika Roman Zolanski Martha Barbie Pink Friday Minaj-Maraj-Pattinson, Jr. grows up to be gay. I just think…
Nicki: What? What’s your problem?
Rob: I think you may be traumatising him a bit.
Nicki: What?! Oh hell to the no!
Rob: …with the multiple personalities, the different accents, and wearing a different color wig every day. He doesn’t know who you are. Sometimes I can’t even figure it out! Who are you right now?
Nicki: Duh, I’m Barbie, bitch.

anonymous asked:

what s thestory of minaj in twilight i don't get it

Nicki Minaj was originally cast as Bella Swan in Twilight. She aced the audition, and the chemistry between Nicki Minaj and Robert Pattinson was off the charts. Rumors of Minajinson began to swirl. They were already filming some scenes when the fans of the books got wind of this unusual casting decision and protested, and Kstew’s people joined in the protests. The fans and Stewart lobbied hard to get Nicki Minaj thrown off the project and succeeded. It’s too bad we’ll never know what Twilight could have been with Nicki Minaj as Bella Swan.