"We’re the ones that need to apologise, Merry! I’m not good at navigating and I crashed you into an iceberg, I even ripped the sail sometimes! Sanji and Zoro are idiots, so they broke many things too! Usopp tried to fix you every time, but he’s not good at it either! We’re so sorry!

"But I was happy…Thank you for taking good care of me until now. I was…really happy."

i think the thing that bothers me most about ppl calling bi characters lesbians is that if we called a canonly lesbian character bi we’d get fucking dragged for being lesbophobic and maybe even harassed off tumblr, but it’s perfectly fine the other way around, yeah?

calling a bi character a lesbian is pretty shitty and so is calling a lesbian character bi why can’t we just fucking let each other have our representation with out swooping in and trying to take it away from each other