Yeah so now i’ve unfollowed some people cos i realised i was following a few people who don’t even post anymore 😆 i will always follow back people if they are autumn/winter blogs. Makes me sad though, these are people who posted last year and haven’t been on here for months. Please don’t leave me fair autumn blogs, COME BACK SO I CAN LOVE YOU! Anyway my tumblr app is not working like it should.. So i’m not posting just as much as i usually am.. Since i do most of my blogging from the app. (Like 99%) so yeah life sucks anyway see ya bye okay

Yay! Took some photos out the other day and I finally went through and edited them so now here we go, the first one. It’s mostly going to be trees and bushes and an occational cat. It’s just the way i work when i take pictures. :p


Okay so during spring season life is pretty slow on your dashboard if you are an autumn/halloween blog -.- So i decided that i am going post more of my own photos. Not only my photos but some of them. And then i also thought i could tell a bit about myself. I mean not like a biografy but just say something about them, and maybe that’d be fun i thought. Gonna try it at least. So i’m gonna tag them also with “mimmiphotografy” yep yep

i’ll start with this photo: this is my eye