Hello lads, are you lost? Either way, make yourself comfortable and enjoy your stay here.

mimikowan asked:

[That could work! :D Ah-- and my blogs... I just counted and it made 23-- BUT I RARELY GO ON A LOT THEM-- XD Scarlet got me into a multiple muse habit. X3;]

((Yeah maybe I’ll go with that—ASDLKFJAKDLFSJ 23 DUDE—XD I only have 3, 4 with Yui.))

mimikowan asked:

(Giggles obliviously) We should play, mister~! Wanna play fetch~? I like fetch!

[This is freaking me out. This dog-person doesn’t even know me. And what if somebody sees me playing fetch with her? Wouldn’t that be kind of weird?]

… I’d hate to let you down, but maybe some other time. I’m kind of busy right now.