Ripped off Acrylicana® artwork megapost. Click on each image for a better view and explanation.
Basically, I got a few messages this weekend about various items featuring my artwork popping up on Taobao.

Unlike Storenvy, I don’t have the resources (i.e. language barriers) to get this stuff taken down. If anyone does, please message me.

It’s the same source for all of these products. They pop up on various online shops. The shop owners have no idea that what they’re selling is stolen artwork. These ones were found in: http://keqilin.taobao.com/ and http://sweetydesign.taobao.com/, but exist in SO many other shops that it’s hard to keep track.

Please do not buy these items. I was never asked for permission, never and compensated for their sale. These are unlicensed, rip-offs and the more we spread the word around that such a huge amount of designs from artists like me are being ripped off, the more consumers will, hopefully, not support their sale.

My work as it was on deviantart:

Milkshake Sweetheart, Hello, Cupcake, and Tea Lovely.

 At the time, I was also “Acrylicana” on dA. I changed the username in 2012 to separate myself a bit from Apparel Dynasty and was rebranding. changed most usernames back because I wanted to make sure the brand wasn’t overtaken by anyone else. Clearly, there’s little I can do about art thieves and people ripping me off. :/

If when going through taobao, storenvy, ebay, or instagram you see pieces like these of either my work or the work of others, do let us know! We can then inform those who follow our work and hopefully get the word out that these products are massive ripoffs.