Not easy to take a picture of the whole scar but I tried my best ! The top part is freshly cut, the bottom part is one week old. The two keloids on the top are from my rejected microdermals, I wanted a nice scar to cover them up !

Done by Indy Voet at Ritual, follow him on :

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A huge thank you to him for its very professional work.


Pictures by Noisy Pics.
I never saw Kyo smiling that much during an european tour. It’s really, truely heart-warming to see how the band was happy to be there, happy to play for us, happy to share their Art with us. They have accomplished so much since their first european live in 2005, and I’m proud to have seen and followed this evolution, happy to have discovered their music, glad to have the luck to keep going to their shows, to listen to them, to feel their music vibrating in my skin, my heart and my soul.

No words will never be enough to thank them.