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Hi! Not sure if you can/are willing to talk abt this, but a friend suggested you. So, I was wondering if anyone ever talked about the difference between what it was like for Anna to rip her grace out, vs having it taken via neck-cut, other than the obvious "in a vessel" difference. Because when Anna did it, it HURT. And I'm wondering what your thoughts on the mechanics behind it might be. (IDK if this even makes sense?)

Good evening lovely!

I am more than happy to talk about this. :) Just because I tend to write about Dean most doesn’t mean I don’t love talking about the other characters, n fact I ver much do love to talk about anything relating to SPN, so… :)

I think I sort of talked about Anna’s fall a while back in relation to Hannah and I definitely have been musing on grace as a sort of… battery or soul like power cell, but I don’t think I ever talk about this toic specifically, so I’m happy to do that now. :)

I think there are a couple of aspects to take into account how these two ways of “getting rid of grace” relate to one another and differ from one another.

In general I think it’s hard to say whether or not rpping your grace out like Anna did or the throat cut hurts more, but I agree it does seem as if the throat cut in some way almost seems to paralyze the angel. It differs also in so far as in most cases we witnessed on the show the act itelf of course was very violent, the cut in itself was more superficial whereas I think ripping your grace out sort of has the notion it is something like opening a body up and ripping something out right from the center. So in this regard it seems… deeper rooted.

I actually feel a little reminded of S7 and the leviathans again (though that may only be due to me having rewatched the season pretty freshly) and how the one levithan cut its victims’ vocal chords so they couldn’t scream when the levis ate them. In my opinion there is an interesting parallel here, because just as the leviathans became their victims and killed their victims in the process, grace-stealing could be seen as a similar type of “identity theft”. And the fact that it’s executed by slitting someone’s throat I think is highly symbolic of silencing someone and taken his/her voice away.

Though this is a difficult topic since it seems the grace of another angel while residing within a human body merely is a sort of life power and energy (soul like battery) that gets transferred while the personality traits and thhat what made the angel, who it was remained bound to the vessel it was inhabiting and dying with it. To me this seems to be drastically different to what we have come to know about grace in case of Gadreel, Anna and also Cas. When Gadreel and Cas they left their vessels it was life essence and personality - the whole that makes the angel, who it is - leave together and not just one part.

In Anna’s case there is something unique though since she ripped her grace out without residing within a human body at the time, but in the angel’s true form. And as far as we know she also never possessed a human vessel. To me the special thing about Anna is that she truly was reborn as a human, but when growing up remembered bist and pieces of herpast life. I don’t think we have ever seen something like that on SPN again. So Anna as an angel truly had her own human body, never possessed someone. When he human body was destroyed after she took back her grace her human body was reassembled and she kept her human memories, but got all of her angelic ones + power back too.

So I’m afraid I kind of failed at giving a good answer. Sorry, dear ;___; But I personally think that it would make sense that the crux of the whole thing and difference is that Anna ripped her grace out while being i her true shape, so with every fiber oneself, whereas in a vessel the angel may also be seen as something like a parasite.


Did I catch your attention? If so, awesome.

I wanted to talk about the challenge that is going around again, originally called #everytoonisbeautiful, but nicknamed as the “shuffle toons”.

This challenge is to make a brand new toon and shuffle once in each area and that’s what you stick with and raise. You cannot make the toon yourself or name it yourself, what you get is what you get.

I did not create this event/challenge, it was created several months ago by a deactivated blog by the name of asktoonblr.

My toon is a multicolored mouse named Milton Dizzenmush, so if you ever spot me in game, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Have fun and enjoy!

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This is the second part of my question (the one about furies) I think I forgot to write it. I know that amaranth in the language of flowers symbolizes immortality so I was wondering if maybe that's why you chose to name the flower from Warden's home world that since it seems to help keep the Rephaim alive? Thank you for answering my question.

I borrowed the symbol of the amaranth from Milton’s Paradise Lost. Make of it what you will:

Immortal amaranth, a flower which once
In paradise, fast by the tree of life,
Began to bloom; but soon for man’s offence
To heaven removed, where first it grew, there grows,
And flowers aloft, shading the fount of life,
And where the river of bliss through midst of heaven
Rolls o'er elysian flowers her amber stream:
With these that never fade the spirits elect
Bind their resplendent locks.