Good evening lovelies! So I just wanted to see how everyone was doing! No one has been submitting any questions or photos lately so I figured I’d see how everyone was doing! Also, I was thinking about bringing back the “MilSo Shop”. I would be making and selling keychains, bracelets, and more! I’m not sure when I’m going to do this, I needed to find out if anyone would be interested in the idea first :) So if y'all could just give me some feedback on this page or my personal tumblr that’d be great ladies! Thank y'all for your time. Remember, you’re one day closer :)
~Jordan, www.asouthernbellewithhokiepride.tumblr,com

More shopping today!

I went to Aero and got some sports bras (8$ each), three pairs of jean shorts (18$ each), a cute purse, and some lazy shirt to wear around the house. I then went to JCP and got two cute dress tanks to match those shorts I bought and fnally, I went to forever 21 to buy more sports bras and two workout shirts that are sooo comfy! 

Best part it, every single thing I bought was on sale which is always a plus! I am all set for the summer, for i basically have 8 new shorts and shirts to go along with it, some shoes, summer dresses and sports wear. I cannot wait to look cute this summer plus wear them year round in Hawaii :) 

Oh… moving company is coming today to give an estimate on how many boxes they need to pack and ship our stuff to the Island, its so surreal but its happening, and moving day will be here before we know it!!! ahhhhh