"Being able to spend the past 4 days with you has been absolutely wonderful. With that being said saying goodbye definitely doesn’t get any easier. I’m so incredibly proud of you Joshua! Good luck in tech school and I can’t wait to see you in another 2 months. I love you! ❤️"
Josh and I got some pictures done on base today this is one of them, and probably my favorite!


Here’s the scoop. I want to get Peter something nice for graduating boot camp, that he can have with him at A School. Not necessarily something to intentionally remind him of me, but you know, something nice.
Buuuut, our anniversary and Christmas is about two months later, and I was planning on doing something really nice, like his and hers engraved dog tags with a message on both or just one for him with our anniversary date on it and a message. Maybe something else, but along those lines.
So with that in mind, his graduation gift can’t be too over the top, but I can’t just get him nothing or something lame.

What should I doooo? :/
Has anyone got any ideas or what they did for their SO?

Happy one year anniversary to this goober! From our walks in the park to our nerf gun fights, you have made this year one of the best. Thank you so much for being such an amazing guy and being my best friend. Thank you Paul and Julie for raising such an incredible man! I love you oh so big, and I can’t wait for the many more years together to come . It’s all because two people fell in love.

anonymous said:

What are the benefits and negatives of mil to mil? My husband isn't being supportive of my decision and I just wanted a better look into the life..

ok well these pros and cons definately vary in each case. like if you marry after you both are in and at your duty station together (like me and my hubby did) vs marrying while one person is in and the other isnt. also if you are in the same branch or not. and what jobs both of you have. but here are just my opinons of it from my year of marriage so far.


  • the money. you and your spouse both recieve BAH and BAS when married. that means twice the income for housing. so for example, my husband and i get about $1600 for rent. our rent is $975. which means money goes right into our savings after we pay utilities and such.
  • the connection.no shade towards milsos, but when you are a wife who serves, you understand 100% of your husband’s lifestyle and you also have the knowledge as well. for example, my husband and i are in the same career field. so he can come home and speak with all these military and our job terms and i know what he means so i can give him the best support on days when he needs it.
  • the same goals. like when you join the military, you are strong, dedicated and open to change. so its nice knowing my spouse isnt a deadbeat. i like knowing we both bring “the bacon” to the table.
  • the stability. its comforting knowing both you and your spouse have full time jobs, a home, and even money to go to school!


  • the separation. (this sort of depends on when you get married, your jobs, your braches etc) luckily for me and my hubby, we will go everywhere together except deployments we have it set up so we get stationed everywhere together. sadly, when i got pregnant, our names got disconnected and my husbands name got put on the list to be available for Korea since my name got removed. (being pregnant im not suppose to PSC or deploy during pregnancy and up to 6 months after i give birth) but as soon as his year in korea is done, he returns back to the base that i am at and we continue the life together. but yeah if hes in now and you’re looking to join, you guys could be apart for a year depending on how much effort the military puts into stationing you two together.
  • not practical for  big families. we both work full time. 8+ hours a day, 5 days a week. the military is flexible so they can put us on the same schedule but there isnt a promise. so i could work 6am to 2pm, my hubby works 3pm to midnight, so when do we have time to be a family? there really is no telling. but the higher ranking you are, the easier it gets when it comes to that. so thats why my husband and i waited a bit before having our first kid because we will both be sergeants pretty soon and things get alot easier.

i think thats some of the main points. hope that gives you an idea of the life! i did notice though in mil to mil marriages, that the women usually serve about 10 years before separating while the husband continues to serve. that way, the wife never really loses her medical benefits because she becomes a dependant. this lifestyle is truly for the strong and dedicated couples but i love it and recommend it to those who can hang!

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"A" and I randomly met on a flight that we both missed. We had 14 hrs at the airport to bond and he even kissed me at the end on our flight because guess what we happened to be sitting next to each other too. We live 3000 mile apart so after I got home I tried to forget about him, but couldn't. After about a month we reconnected and he wanted to get married so we could close the distance (he is in the army). When he told his family, especially his mom, she lost it and he didn't want to go (P1)

(cont) against them. We then stopped talking for a month and I since met another guy also in the army, who is on paper an “upgrade” from “A”. He has a much better position, lives on his own because he is an offcer and isnt in the barracks, better car, more educated, financial stable, ready to settle down, (they even look alike), etc. I know I should say fuck “A” he gave up on us and now I have someone who is like him, just “better”, but I cant. Im still drawn to him. I caved and msg him today. he feels the same way. Now idk what to do. The other guy on paper is perfect and great marriage material, but I feel like he likes the idea of me more than actually me. He never trys to get to know me, just talks about us being together and getting married.help….:(


goodness gracious girl! you have an adventurous life! im jealous! i dont even know where to begin here haha.

first off. there is nothing wrong with long distance relationships.  could you imagine if i cheated on my husband just because he’s 6000 miles away for a year and we are only promised to see each other once? the plus side to being with someone you love is patience. there is Skype, texting, calling, messaging, etc that long distance relationships dont feel so distant anymore. so i dont want the distant to be something thats drawing you away from A.yall can date long distance and see each other a few times a year. i dont suggest marriage, you do NOT know him well enough. before marrying a guy you should see him drunk, see him when he’s sad, and see him on a bad day. once you see his reactions in those situations, you can learn alot about a man.

im curious to what else he doesnt have compared to this new guy, im gonna call new guy B ok? im just gonna assume A is new to the military so he’s low ranking, no car, lives in the barracks, just got out of highschool, doesnt have much money besides what he’s earning now. and B is obviously doing a bit better than him.

this is when you ask yourself what you’re looking for right now. a husband? a boyfriend? a long distance boyfriend? a boyfriend whos around here?

being honest, B is not “the one”. if he was, you wouldnt being giving A the thought of day. and you can see yourself that he doesnt even get to know you! what is that! looks like he’s liking you for something else (you obviously must be extremely good looking, smart, or be good in bed if yall got there yet lol). love like that is temporary and divorce aint fun nor cheap honey.

take your little booty back to A. give him time to grow. he will be where B is in life, it just takes time. while he’s getting there, you work on yourself and goals so when you ARE ready to possibly marry the guy and move with him and such, you’ve done everything you need to do. he seems like “the one”. you guys have a connection you will never get with anyone else, i promise you that, so dont let him go just yet. :)