This one is dedicated to this girl right here. Miko Alexa Santa Ana. <3 Felt it was necessary to write you a post that publicizes my love for you, without your brother seeing.

We definitely bonded this year and I can proudly say that I’m so proud of the woman you are growing up to be. I enjoyed watching you grow up from the little girl that ran up to me in the park that summer day, trying to wring out my soaked shirt 5 years ago to the teen who has got her first boyfriend (despite denying it the entire time). You went from being somewhat of a tomboy to this beautiful girl who experiments with everything. Make up, hair (real or fake), nails, fashion. Despite your daring and outgoing personality, you have the artist and genius to accompany those already extraordinary traits.

Never hold yourself back baby girl. Take all the AP classes you can in high school and work your ass off and make your family proud. Sing and draw your heart out. Be bold and continue to have everyone know “who you are” (for good reasons of course). Most importantly, remember to be yourself and be the person you want to be and that God has intended you to be. Be prayerful and remember where your blessings come from. 

Lastly, just remember that I am here for you always! Whether school related, girl related, boy related, whatever it is. I still want to grab random lunch dates with you and get our nails did. (We still need to go shopping in the city, I didn’t forget!) If I ever need to curse out a boy or beat up a white girl, just holler and I’ll be right there. I’ll run them over with my car ;D. I respect you, love you, care for you, get annoyed by you just like a little sister should. You ARE the sister I wish I had and forever will be. I love you Miko! I know i’m not blood but I hope you love me just as much.