Can I just… Real talk for a second??


I’m fucking laughing the way Clara throws his sonic in this little shot and her face it’s just

I fucking can’t she’s like “I did all the important and hard work you lazy good for nothing ass but fine take the stupid sonic you’re fucking welcome”

In Jamaica, you are so ashamed of the blackness of your skin that you are buying bleaching cream to whiten your skin. You are ‘blonding’ your hair & bluing your eyes. You think the white woman is the standard of beauty? You don’t like the rasta BUT HE IS HIMSELF!
—  Louis Farrakhan, Million Man March (National Arena: Kingston, Jamaica) 10/19/2014
Hemingway spoke a lot about that kind of daily struggle that every writer goes through. And that’s the grind: You’re never sure, as a writer, that you’ll really reach the peak. In the middle of a project, you never know that the journey will be worth it. I think when I was very young, I thought that when I got older, I’d reach a stage where I’d be confident in my writing—where I could just sit down every day and happily churn it out. That doesn’t happen. It never gets any better. You’re always unsure, and you’re never know whether your work will turn out how you want it to.

Cómo dibujar círculos perfectos a mano alzada.

Alison McWhinney in A Million Kisses to my Skin. English National Ballet, Emerging Dancer Competition, 2014. © Dave Morgan.

McWhinney took on a complex extract from David Dawson’s A Million Kisses to my Skin, which required delicacy and accuracy in its delivery. McWhinney was as jazzy and sparky as you could wish but the solo ends abruptly and was the shortest contribution.