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In addition to debunking the idea that there’s a widespread conspiracy among fussy prose writers to delude their readers, Pinker also suggests that the grammar and usage police are often unnecessarily grumpy and shortsighted. ‘Language is not a protocol legislated by an authority but rather a wiki that pools the contributions of millions of writers and speakers, who ceaselessly bend the language to their needs and who inexorably age, die, and get replaced by their children, who adapt the language in their turn.’ The language grows and adapts to our needs and it never stagnates. Strunk and White might have condemned contact as a verb because it seemed ‘vague and self-important,’ but Pinker defends its very indeterminacy: ‘…the vagueness of to contact is exactly why it caught on: sometimes a writer doesn’t need to know how one person will get in touch with another, as long as he does.’

so people having been coming into my ask recently telling me to stop comparing ferguson/other human rights struggles to les mis and the hunger games but those books were LITERALLY about standing up to corrupt governments. the reason i made that post to les mis lyrics was to highlight the fact that a book/musical about a FUCKING REVOLUTION fit so well. shouldn’t that scare the shit out of all of us? that everyone around the world in every country no matter what ethnicity is calling for reform?

((ps. some literally scrawled ‘If We Burn You Burn With Us’ across something in Ferguson so yeah it is important to show the effects literature is having.

Also comparing real life events to movies/literature often helps people relate more to desperate situations MEANING THEY ARE MORE LIKELY TO HELP.))