*John has a kid (Adam) that was born when Sam was 6 or 7 years old*

Most fans: “That bastard he cheated on Mary! Yes, I know it was 6 years after Mary’s death, it’s still kind of cheating. You know I bet he was with Kate (Adams mother) while he was married to Mary anyways. Even if he didn’t know Kate when Mary was alive, I’m sure he still cheated on her with other women.”


*John and Mary fight like any married couple*

Most fans: “I’m sure he was drunk and beat Mary. Then he was about to beat Dean but Mary stopped him. Mary stood up to him and told him to get out. He got out and wouldn’t return. He also cheated on Mary during that time. Poor Mary tried to make things right with him, but he was too stubborn to listen to her. He didn’t even care about his kids.”
“What? You think it was Mary’s fault?? How could be Mary’s fault?? Mary’s a saint.. she can do no wrong! No, Mary would never do something like keep secrets from John!! The fight is all John’s fault. How could it not be??”


*John trains Sam and Dean to be hunters and teaches them about the supernatural*

Most fans: “That unfeeling bastard how could he!??”

*John doesn’t train Adam to be a hunter and doesn’t teach him about the supernatural”

Most fans: “That unfeeling bastard how could he!??”

Watched the season finale of Degrassi and even though I’m on the Triles boat I have lived long enough and watched enough Degrassi to know that there are expectations and realities to this relationship.

Expectations (hopes):
-Triles will be loving
-Triles will be kind
-Triles will be happy
-Triles will be good for everyone in their storyline.
-Triles will open up the conversation for bisexuals that has been overlooked since the days of Paige Michaelchuk (and open it completely for male bisexuals in the show)

Reality (most likely):
-Tristan will be totally invested in Triles
-Miles will come up with a reason/excuse (most likely his father’s political position or Maya’s feelings) to keep their relationship pretty secretive.
-Chewy will give Miles a lot of shit about how he needs to figure his shit out
-Tristan will be all like “I don’t want another secret relationship. I wanna show off my boyfriend and hold hands”
-Miles will be like “I’m not gay though, I like girls, what’s wrong with my penis that it thinks you’re foxy?”
-The whole school will find out because of some weird and unnecessary school event (I.e. dance, fundraiser, talent show, party)
-Miles will panic, overreact, and take it out on Tristan.
-Triles will then collapse into sad stares across hallways, but Tristan and Miles will still be thrown into weird plot points together that push the rest of the show’s storylines and also make people think that they’re going to work it out and fix it but by the end of season 14 people will say Tristan can do better because Miles is a sociopath and by season 15 they’ll be solemn but friendly bros again almost as if it never happened.

Sidenote:I am too old and too well educated to still be this invested in shit like this but I made a vow when I was 14 that I would always be committed to Degrassi and I have never been a quitter.

I’m the only one who doesn’t want Tristan and Maya to be friends again they both were shitty to each other and I hope Maya isn’t concerned about Triles because she wants to leave the past behind and focus on music again at least Tristan wouldn’t be encouraging her to be with some boy now that they aren’t friends.

''With You Here.'' Adam Milligan Imagine

prompt: can I have an imagine where y/n is a human/hunter and somehow they managed to figure out a way to get Adam out of the cage and they all keep it a secret from  him because they’re scared that he’ll remember  his time in the cage if he finds out but he starts to fall for y/n and y/n can’t keep it a secret anymore and tells him. thank you in advance you’re awesome

requested by: anonymous

I apologize for being the shittiest blog owner on tumblr and for making you guys wait so long for your imagines. I’ll try to update faster next time.


Nothing. That’s all Adam remembered. All he knew was that he had been saved from living a horrible life, and that I was there to take care of him. Everything before we found him in the woods was a blank slate in Adam’s mind. But it was for the best. 

Adam would often ask what had happened to him, but Dean, Sam, and Castiel would always quickly change the subject. Whenever Adam asked me, I simply came up with an excuse to run away with my tail between my legs rather than lie to his face. But there was one little problem:

Adam was starting to fall for me.

It wasn’t exactly a secret, but he had never actually told me in his own words. I had fallen for him too, which only made it harder to keep the secret of his past. 

”Oh, you’re awake?” I asked,looking up from the book I was reading when Adam appeared from his bedroom. He shrugged, rubbing the sleep from his eyes and not bothering to fix his messy hair. His face looked troubled, and the bags under his eyes signaled he probably hadn’t slept at all. I sat up in my bed, setting the book down and studied Adam. ”Are you okay?” 

”I’m not sure.” He murmured. ”I keep having these weird…nightmares, I guess. They’re horrible.” A sudden pang of guilt hit my stomach, but I gulped. 

”Do you wanna stay with me?” I offered, gesturing to the open bed space beside me. 

”Yeah.” Adam replied quietly, giving me a small smile that made my head spin. He crawled onto the bed and threw the covers over him and he turned to look at me, his blue eyes pinning me to the spot. ”Do you wanna cuddle?” He asked cheekily, and I felt my face burn red, but instead of waiting for my answer, he just propped himself up and pulled me against him, wrapping his arm around me. If there was one place I loved the most, it was probably here, being in Adam’s arms. I rested my head in the crook of hie neck and breathed in the familiar smell of him I couldn’t quite describe. 

”Are you okay now?” I asked and Adam laughed softly. 

”Yeah, now that I’m with you.” He said, sending shivers up your spine. A silence filled the air. I didn’t know what to say, what if Adam had been dreaming of his time in the cage? What was I supposed to tell him then? ”My dreams are…pretty vivid.” Adam said finally. I groaned inwardly. ”It’s like, being tortured, every night. Its intense pain and there’s this…voice. This horrible, horrible voice that keeps telling me that ‘I will never forget.’ Its almost like…a memory.” My breathing almost stopped. 

”Oh.” Was all I could manage. A million thoughts were whirling through my mind. What would happen if Adam found found out about the cage? Would he be mad at me? Or would he lose complete control over his senses, like Sam had? I pushed away from Adam, sitting up on the bed. 

”Y/N? What’s wrong?” He asked, probably seeing the alarm in my eyes as he sat up as well. What was I going to do? I didn’t want to lie to him at all, but what could I saw without giving everything away? Don’t say anything then said a voice in my head. I sidled up closer to him.

”Maybe you should just get your mind off these dreams.” I began, and placed both my hands around his neck tentatively. Adam stared at me. He knew exactly what I meant. I leaned in slowly, lips parted eyes closed and pressed my mouth against his, fireworks going off in my head. He kissed back, lips hungry against mine, the thoughts of his nightmares already forgotten. 

He had kissed me before, we kissed a lot actually. But we somehow never got around to telling each other how we felt about one another. My hands ran through his hair as his own were on my waist. His teeth nipped at my lip causing  groan to escape from my lips. Adam took the opportunity to flip me around and push me onto the bed, peppering kisses on my neck, sending shivers of pleasure through my body until he stopped suddenly.

”I know everyone is hiding something from me.” He said finally. My jaw dropped and I scrambled to my knees.

”Wh-what do you mean?” I gasped and Adam rolled his eyes.

”Don’t act as if you don’t know. I’ve been here for about a year, and I don’t remember anything that happened before. These nightmares that I keep having are too real to just be nightmares. So say it. I know there’s something you’re not telling me.” I cursed myself inwardly. I knew he was gonna ask me at some point, but did he have to kiss me to get it out of me? Nevertheless I pulled myself together and gave him a miserable stare. 

”Oh god, I’m sorry Adam.” I managed, everything just started breaking down inside of me. ”I wish I told you sooner, but everyone thought it was for your own good.” Adam’s eyes narrowed. 

”What is that supposed to mean?” He asked and I put a shaky hand on his cheek.

”Its been so hard not telling you.” I whispered, ”I just don’t want you to hate me.” Adam took my hand in both of his.

”I could never hate you.” He promised, eyes boring into mine. We’ll see about that. ”Just tell me.” I took a deep breath. This could cost Adam his sanity. 

”Before we found you in those woods,” I began, ”There was this…war. A war against Lucifer. You know about that right?” Adam nodded impatiently. ”And the archangel Michael needed a vessel, but since Dean wouldn’t agree to it, Michael chose you.” I glanced at him, looking for a reaction, but Adam just nodded for me to continue. ”And when Michael and Lucifer finally faced off, Dean managed to push them back into this…prison…this cage in hell that was powerful enough to capture two archangels.” Adam seemed to be putting two and two together. 

”So…” Adam began, but I cut him off. 

”You fell into the Cage with Lucifer, Adam. You fell into hell with Satan. Who on this earth can be sane after that, huh? Those nightmares you have are memories from the pit, and the only reason why no one told you is because we didn’t want you to let those memories consume you.” Adam stared blankly at me. 

”What do you mean…consume me?” He asked slowly. 

”I mean, go crazy. When we finally got you out of the cage, we thought that if we never told you, you wouldn’t remember, and not remembering is better than going through hell all over again.” I explained. Adam’s eyes were wide with disbelief. I peered at him, praying to Cas that he wouldn’t fall to the floor. But he was…okay. 

”Adam?” I whispered, ”Are you okay?” Adam finally looked up at me, eyes glazed over. He shook his head but he leaned forward and threw his arms around me, pressing me closer to him in a desperate hug. 

”Thank you.” He breathed in my ear.

”Are you going to be okay?” I asked again.

”Eventually,” He replied, ”With you here, I think I’ll be okay.” 


the end was kinda crappy i’m so sorry, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Please ignore any spelling/grammar mistakes please :)



"Triles is just a way to get Matlingsworth back together!1!1!1"


Original request: can you make a really fluffy readerxadam pweaaaseee and thanks (to be combined with this other request): hey, do you mind making an adam x reader one where Adam teahces the reader to dance? Or the other way around please?

                It was an average, relaxing Saturday night. You and Adam, your boyfriend, were sitting on the couch, bowls of ice cream in hand, watching your favorite TV show. It had become kind of a routine, this Saturday evening get-together. You’d invited him to watch TV with you one night a while back, and then he suggested you guys hang out again, and eventually neither of you even asked anymore. It just always happened.

                Not that you complained. Adam was your closest friend and you were deeply in love with him. You lay your head on his shoulder, swallowing another scoop of delicious chocolate ice cream. He put an arm around your shoulder and gave you a kiss on the cheek, making you smile.

                “Hey,” he spoke up after a while, during a commercial break, “I think we should do something different tonight. Mix it up a little.”

                You looked up at him. “Oh yeah? Like what?”

                “I don’t know, I just…think it might be fun to, you know, try something new,” he suggested. “You wanna get out a board game or something?”

                A small laugh escaped you. “A board game. How romantic,” you teased good-naturedly. Adam was an absolute cutie who could be kind of a dork sometimes. You loved it.

                “Oh! I have an idea!” Adam suddenly stood up and pulled out his phone, searching through music. “Do you have speakers or something?”

                “Uh, yeah, sure,“ you replied, hopping off the couch and reaching into the drawer under the TV, pulling out a set of speakers, into which Adam plugged his phone. A song began to play, a slow yet bouncy tune with no words. Adam took your hands in his and pulled you to the middle of the room, away from the TV. You tilted your head at him, a bit confused.

                Adam gave a small smile. “You’d been saying that you wanted to learn how to dance. I thought I’d teach you.” 

                A grin broke out on your face and you nodded eagerly. He took one of your hands and held it out at a slight angle, placing his other one in the small of your back. You put a hand on his shoulder and started to sway with the music.

                Adam began to laugh as you tripped over one of his feet. “Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to do it. There’s a lot more to it than just swinging around. Let me show you a waltz.”

                “A waltz?” You asked playfully. “Classy. Old fashioned. I like it.”

                With a wink, Adam showed you how to move your feet in time with the music. Three beats per measure required you to carefully keep track of which foot was supposed to go first each time. You and Adam moved with the music, down up up, down up up, down up up. After a while, you began to get the hang of it, and Adam even spun you around a couple of times. The first time, you tripped, but quickly regained your composure and perfected it the second time.

                You lost track of how many minutes you’d been dancing. It could have been hours for all you knew. But you were enjoying yourself so much, dancing to the rhythm, being close to Adam, that you didn’t care if you danced the whole night away.

                Finally, Adam dipped you low and your lips connected. After pulling you back up, he looked at you with something new in his eyes. Pride, maybe, awe, and of course love.

                “You’re a natural, (Y/n),” he complimented you. You were just about to thank him when his eyes focused on something behind you and widened. “Crap!” he exclaimed.

                Turning around, you saw what had gave him such a reaction. A bowl of melted ice cream was tipped over, spilling onto the new carpet floor. You dove for it and picked up the bowl as Adam ran into the kitchen for some paper towels.                

                “Well, looks like I’ll need to get some stain remover,” you sighed.

                “Hey, let’s not let this ruin our night!” Adam exclaimed.

                “Of course not,” you smiled at him, leaning forward to kiss him.

                Spilled ice cream or no spilled ice cream, it was the best night you’d had in ages.

Enjoy! :) Thanks so much for being so patient! I know it took me forever to get to this.