so i accidentally typed “breadway” instead of “broadway” and i’m laughing can you imagine:

the bread of mormon

yeastus crust superstar

how to succeed in baking without really frying

jersey buns


the poundcake of music

we will bake you

all cook up

calamity scone

thoroughly modern muffin

spring abakening


I am a 17 year-old latina and I love every inch of myself, even the things I am ridiculed for. My tia has taught me so much about embracing my heritage and loving who I am, I could never thank her enough for that. Even though I’m surrounded by racism, I will always be proud of my roots ✌🏽

Doğasını anlatmalısın ülkenin,

Bütün kuşlarını, ağaçlarını, göğünü, balıklarını

Bir de bütün çiçeklerin, rüzgarların, ırmakların adlarını.

(Ataol Behramoğlu, Yurdu Teninde Duymak, 2010 )






[ Ankara, Kızılcahamam, Soğuksu Milli Parkı, 05.10.2014 ]

Untitled #3355 por amylal con high-waisted jeans ❤ liked on Polyvore

Milly halter top / H&M high-waisted jeans, $23 / ELSE demi bra / Acne Studios black boots / Yves Saint Laurent black purse, $2,390 / Miss Selfridge ring / John Hardy pave bracelet / Topshop ring / Michael kors jewelry, $135 / A.J. Morgan round sunglasses / Forzieri leather belt, $330 / Alexander Wang accessory

A styling contest? I actually really like the idea of that! Do you mean something like the follower comes up with an outfit for rainbow(since she is the star of the blog) and like the top 5 or 3 winners are chosen by followers? The winners of course would get a prize… ya know I don’t know why i didn’t think of this! Thank you so much for the suggestion! I love it! My followers are hella smart<3 uvu at least now i have a basic idea of what to do! What do you guys think?

so in math class i had to make up a test so the teacher asked me to move to a desk in the corner, instead of ya know, moving around the rows like a normal person i instead tried to jump over the desk but i leaned on it too much and it wound up collapsing and i hit the floor instead. i don’t think desks like me very much, stuff like this happens a lot to me.