Another day I saw the dear @millajovovich in a magazine while waiting for my doctor and decided to make this tribute to her, as she deserves it and much-much more, Milla is more than just a gorgeously striking face-eyes-smile-and-body, she has TONS of dramatic talent but she also sings gorgeously too, actually whatever she does she’s gorgeous, truth must be told. I never seen a better Joanne D’Arc than the one she did, and no other female-superhero moves us more than Alice in the Resident Evil series or Violet in Ultraviolet, we’re always looking forward for more of their adventures. Milla, wherever you are, receive from Brazil our HUGE hug and the best vibes and wishes ever to you and your family. Lots of love, Mari. #millajovovich #millaj #brazil #maribarrinstagram

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Christmas greetings by Milla Jovovich 

Such a lovely speech!