huntingphoenix asked:

Tales Of Xillia? :)

Go out to the movies with: Jude, Alvin, and Ludger. The crew~ xD

Name my child after: Hmm… I’d be down with naming my baby girl Elle. Or even Elize.

Have sleep overs with: Elize, Elle, and Driselle. That’d be so fun!

Go clubbing with: Alvin for sure. Jude as well. And Ludger. Plus Gaius. Probably Muzét too because she would do that.

Drink with: ALVIN.

Share personal stories with: Jude and Milla. Share our adventures.

Go to an Anime Convention with: Everyone. Like we’d pick another fandom and we’d all dress up as characters from another game. That’d be beautiful.

Talk with at 2 in the morning: Jude or Ludger. Maybe even Rowen.

Go to for advice: Rowen, cause he’s all wise and stuff. And Julius, because he’s wise in a brotherly way and I appreciate that about him.

Become best friends with: Jude, Alvin, Ludger, Milla, Elize, Leia, and Elle.

Probably not get along with: I think Gauis and I might butt heads a bit, but we wouldn’t hate each other or anything. Same with Muzét. And I find Nova to be really annoying, so…

Fight with: I’d fight Rideaux, okay? I’d really like to punch him in the face. Also would really like to punch Bisley in the face.

Play with in Mario Kart: Alvin, Jude, and Ludger. And Gauis because I feel like he would be so confused and frustrated because he’s not very good and that’d be beautiful to see~

Date: Jude.

Marry: JUDE.

Sleep with: Jude. And maybe Ludger if the opportunity arose.

Thanks for asking~!