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john constantine the handsy drunk who leans all over chas and pats his face and kisses his forehead ALL THE TIME pre-relationship which is fine until john starts rubbing at chas' thigh and mumbling something drunkenly and chas can barely concentrate on driving them home because his dick is about to fuckin burst out of his pants ((im trash lmao sorry byee))

it just ends with drunk!john kissing chas on the way home and chas almost crashing the car (lmao) and him telling john to not do that because he’ll probably crash the car, so john just pouts until they to the mill house. then after they arrive john kind of just starts kissing chas everywhere: his neck, his lips, his face, fuck everything he can touch. but chas stopping him before they do anything cause he doesn’t wanna take advantage of john while he’s like this, so they just cuddle in chas’ room (since it’s closer) until john falls asleep. when john wakes up he’s incredibly quiet because he’s kind of dodging the fact that he was really doing what he was doing last night to chas and he comes out the room to find chas cooking breakfast.

“hey mate”

“hey john, want eggs?” is all chas says to him and john becomes really quiet. chas puts the plate in front of him and smiles down at him and it just makes john squirm in his chair. he isn’t used to feeling like this, especially about chas.

“why didn’t you wanna have sex with me last night?” he blurts out

“because i respect you john and i love you; i don’t wanna do anything you might regret later. i wanted you completely sober before we do anything,” chas replies, kissing john’s head. john just falls silent again and looks completely stunned, he didn’t know how to respond.

“i … i love …—” john starts

“say it when you’re ready, john” chas says as he sits down beside john

“okay,” john says as he starts eating his breakfast, often sneaking glances at chas between bites, for he’s excited at the prospect of them actually being together. for real.


or perhaps in s l y t h e r i n you’ll meet your real friends; those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends [ because being a slytherin doesn’t mean being evil ]


The Mushroom House - Powder Mill Park.

When I was a kid I always wanted to live in these. Let’s be honest - I still do. The shape is absolutely otherworldly. I just think they’re fantastic. The ‘addition’ of the garage/ studio is equally as awesome. It’s like something out of the hobbit (it’s the third picture in the set). 

It’s actually on the market right now. Available for the low low price of $1M.