24/4/2013, Wednesday, Odaiba’s Diver City


Almost got blew away by the wind a few times, got my umbrella flipped twice and became an interesting sight on the street. ^^;;;

As much as I am not a true fan of the Gundam series, seeing this life-size replica is… I have been seeing them in many pop culture and back in Polytechnic, the guys in my school club has many cool Gundam models.

I remember asking this senior, what is this ROBOT, and he told me it is MECHA. xD He invited me a few times to join his class on assembling your own models, I should have!!



27/4/2013, Saturday, from Yoyogi Park towards Shibuya.

I love boots with thick soles! They seems easy to walk in. Well~~, I mean only those soles of about 1 inch.


2013年4月28日(日)、Hideaway Cafe、原宿。



4/28/2013, Sunday, Hideaway Cafe, Harajuku.

Isn’t Tokyo such an interesting place! Among all the modern tall buildings and sophisticated trains system, there is a little tree house.



29/4/2013, Monday, Engakuji.

I was panting like I ran 10km after I got to the top. ^^;;;

SUPER lovely tea house in Engakuji! It was just like how people drink tea and have wagashi (Japanese confectionery) in TV!!

I had Yuzu Juice. It was really, really refreshing. <3

I didn’t want to leave so soon but I had lotas place to go. 

EVERYONE SHOULD VISIT KAMAKURA. <3 If I have to choose, I would say during this trip, Kamakura is one of my top favourite places.



29/4/2013, Sunday, Shopping Street from Hase Station towards Kamakura Big Buddha.

These are not real ice creams, They are food samples. Don’t they look just like the real stuff? xD

24/4/2013, Wedesday, Shinjuku’s Kinokuniya (Main) Book Store.

I had a tough time finding this and almost fell flat twice on the street. I guess I wasn’t feeling too use to walking so much. ^^;;; 

I think this is a better place (than smaller stores) if you want to get your JLPT materials coz this place has 8 stories of books! Foreign language and Japanese learning for foreign studies are located on the 8th floor.

I went in via the side of the building and the elevators are tended by elevators personnel. That was also my first few time speaking in Japanese “八階お願いします。”

And don’t forget to visit the comic store, FOREST, beside the building.

More info here.

23/4/2013 - 3/5/2013

My room in Tokyo for 10 nights!

It is reallyyy small but good price at a good location.




—-> Hotel Changtee.






29/4/2013, Monday, Fujisawa Station (Last Stop).

Inside Enoden.

Upon reaching the last station, doors on the left open, and passengers all alight. Then doors on the right would open and people wanting to get to the other direction come in. And the train moves.

I didn’t know that all passengers gotta alight at the last station. When everyone left I was still sitting inside. When I realised I was holding everyone back, I jumped out of the train.

It was quite embarrassing. (//・_・//)