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coffeshop AU with additional cuteness

Apricot Croissant Lion Lysandre as a Manager and an owner of the Cafe that serves beautiful pastry and sweets, Blueberry Cheesecake Bunny Sycamore is a co-owner he is a team leader for the staff and also a host (server, officiant, garcon I am not sure about correct term). The symbol is a lily and a tree but they both wear apricots on the uniform as a ~*romantic bond*~ (hmm I think that Lysandre should wear a cheesecake then….)

5 Plots on Gender You Have to See (Weekly Plotly Roundup)

We’ve posted a new roundup of the latest and greatest Plotly plots! Check out our full post with the interactive plots embedded to find more awesome content.

The data for this area plot comes from a study in which researchers sent thousands of identical emails to professors across the country and signed them with names signalling different genders and ethnicities. Basically, in every department outside the Fine Arts, emails signed with a “white male” name received more attention than almost any of the others — even when the professors were themselves women or members of a minority group. Read more…


Here is my 22nd and final appearance on the amazing Jake and Amir web series. It’s crazy, I have been playing around with these dumb dumbs for 6 years and I just assumed we would be doing these till our grandchildren told us we were never funny. We wrote this short specifically for the fans. It is filled to the brim with call backs from all 14 of my characters who somehow interact at the same time. The editors on this short deserve an award and a vacation for pulling this off. If you have never seen a Jake and Amir episode, this is probably the worst one to start on…which means you almost have to watch it. CLICK HERE to watch part 1 of this fiasco.

Over the course of the next six episodes, Jake and Amir will say goodbye to their CollegeHumor web series. The great Streeter Seidell had some wonderful words to say about it but I’ll try my best to add on to his sentiments. I can’t remember a time when Jake and Amir videos weren’t making me laugh. It feels like they have been making content since the invention of the internet. The amazing thing is outside of the great CH producers, CH crew and wild cinematographers/directors Jon Grimm and Giancarlo Fiorentini, Jake and Amir do so much of this all themselves. The two of them write the episodes, star in the episodes, edit the episodes and help direct the episodes. They have done this 750 FUCKING TIMES! THAT’S INSANE! Doing anything 750 times is impossible and anyone who has shot a short film knows how much work goes into one three minute piece but then to do that 750 times!?! Come on! And to remain funny and relevant all while doing the type of comedy you want to do is just mesmerizing. I am so proud to be a tiny part of their legacy and love watching them be as warm, kind and talented as they were when they first started. So, thank you Jake and Amir for letting me write and act like an absolute idiot beside you for so long. I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.