Ola !
Après moultes péripéties depuis 3 ans dans les pays de l’Est, sporadiquement en France, rarissimement à Saint-Etienne, nous voilà de retour pour fêter notre nouveau disque “Ostéologie des pères”.

Rendez-vous à l’Assommoir, rue de la richelandière à Saint-Etienne, donc,
Le Mercredi 03 Décembre 2014, à 20h33 précises, grâce aux bons soins de La Vieille Au Balcon et avec la douce compagnie de Conger ! Conger !

Event FB :

Milkilo + Maria Magdalena TOUR 15/03/12 - 25/03/12


MMM tour 15 au 25 Mars 2012

J15      - Release @ La Triperie, Lyon

V16     - Release @ L’assomoir, Saint-Etienne

S17     - w/ Naiad @ Les pieds Nickelés, Clermont-Ferrand

D18     - w/ JeanJean @ Café de Paris, Paris

L19     - w/ JeanJean @ Ecuyes, Caen

M20    - w/ The Forks @ Café Latin, Angers

M21    - w/ JeanJean @ Bar le Zinc, Poitiers

J22     - w/ Ask Your Mum @ Celtic Pub, Tarbes

V23     - w/ Goliat @ Sala Creedence (el barco), Matarò (Espagne)

S24     - @ Black Sheep, Montpellier /// TBA

+ S07/04/12 - Sélections des oreilles du renard, La presqu’ile, Annonay


Dear friends !
Lots of stuff this Autumn !
We finally received our new album ! You can order Digipack version on our label webstore :
We also print some new shirts, you can catch it in the same shop !

You can also stream and free dowload it here :

Finally, here’s the dates for our next tour with our friends ça !
We only miss one gig… Feel free to help us !

  • 16/10/2014 - w/ ça @ CSA Next Emerson, Firenze (IT)
  • 17/10/2014 - w/ ça @ KSD Ivana Vadnala, Prestranek (SI)
  • 18/10/2014 - w/ ça @ AKD Pizdun, Krsko (SI)
  • 19/10/2014 - w/ ça @ Gustaf Pekarna, Maribor (SI)
  • 20/10/2014 - w/ ça @ AKC Attack, Zagreb (HR)
  • 21/10/2014 - w/ ça @ Clash Club, Subotica (SR)
  • 22/10/2014 - w/ ça @ Stadtwerkstatt, Linz (AT)
  • 23/10/2014 - w/ ça @ U Ocka, Bratislava (SK)
  • 24/10/2014 - w/ ça @ Kawiarnia Naukowa, Krakow (PL)
  • 25/10/2014 - w/ ça @ open
  • 26/10/2014 - w/ ça @ Haus Mainusch, Mainz (DE)
  • 27/10/2014 - w/ ça @ No Man’s Land, Volmeranges-les-mines (FR)

See you on the road !

(Français en dessous)Hey everyone !

Sorry to haven’t post anything since a long time, we were quite busy to compose new songs which will be part of our debut-ep “Ostéologie des pères” out next autumn.

We recorded it at the end of June and it’s curently in the end of Tom Derrin for the mix (Poumon, Benighted…) and it will be mastered in August by New Alliance East USA (Converge…)
Can’t wait to share it with you !

We already have some touch with labels but we’re curently looking for others to release it all over the world ! Write us if you could be interested in !

Also, we will be on tour from 16th to 25th October with our good friends from “ça”, a great math rock band with members of Maria Magdalena.
We’re looking for gigs so drop us a line if you want to make us play :

See you soon !

Salut tout le monde !
Désolé on a rien posté depuis un moment ici, on était pas mal occupés à composer de nouveaux morceaux pour notre Début-album qui sortira à l’automne.
On a enregistré ça en Juin, et c’est en ce moment entre les mains de Tom Derrin (Poumon, Benighted…) pour le mix, on envoie ça courant Aout à New Alliance East (Converge…) pour le mastering.
On a bien hâte de vous le faire partager !

On a quelques touches avec des labels mais on est activement en train d’en chercher d’autres pour sortir ça partout dans le monde, écrivez-nous si ça vous tente.

Aussi, du 16 au 25 Octobre prochain, on sera en tournée avec nos copains de “ça”, un excellent groupe de math rock avec des membres de Maria Magdalena/Retropolis/Cosmos Project…
Si ça vous dit de nous faire jouer, écrivez nous !

A bientôt !

Hey Fellas !

Our tour start next week ! Hope we gonna see you at the shows :) !
At least, we always need 2 gigs to finish the booking… In consequence of the really short period which separ us from theses gigs, we could play for a really few money ! Cause : WE WANNA PLAY :D !

Our brand new shirts will be available on all theses shows and then on voxproject’s bigcartel shop ! Hope you gonna like it !
Thanks a lot to our friends at Inkoozing for screenprinting and, of course ROWW for his amazing graphic work on it !

See you soon on the road !

We’re back from tour !
It was really awesome, again, thanks a lot for all people who helped us as :

Cicle club, Lorenzo,  Flying Donkey Pub, Eva and her mom, AKD Pizdun, Sumo, Dominik and his team, Attack !, ZzZ team, the almighty Taspo II, our guests from K.U.R.C and people from Gustaff at Pekarna, Mico and all people in Gromka, Misa for coming and the good times, Kalle and all the team from Tiefgrund and every people from La Gare XP, Le Dead Project, En veux tu en vl’a, OTB who fight for save our gig in Paris ! Thanks to Suspend, Norv, Alkohol, Zen, Tapso II (again), Jegulga, Lucky Funeral, Fuchsteufelswild, Valve, Le Dead Project (again) and Raein for sharing the stage with us !

Thanks also to every people who shared contacts, helped us booking, hosted us…

You were awesome ! Hope to see you soon again !

Here’s some report from some shows, we gonna post some pictures soon on our facebook page. If you’ve some material, don’t hesitate to share !

Zagreb :

Paris :

Seee you sooon !


Hey Folks !

Hope you’re fine !

After a lot of work on our project, we’re finally back with a new set and new tracks ! We also finally receive our live footage from our show at LE FIl !

Anyway, we deceided to tour again in next October, here’s our routing, any help will b highly appreciated !

26/10 - open (Ljubliana ?)
27/10 - open (Zagreb ?)
28/10 - open (Budapest / Bratislava ?)
29/10 - open (Linz ?)
30/10 - open (Brno / Prague ?)
31/10 - open (Prague / Berlin ?)
01/11 - open (Francfort ?)
02/11 - open (Paris ?)


We’re back from tour ! It was so excellent !
We met beautyful people, play in awesome and unexpected places with great bands in 3000km, 10 days, 8 shows… Can’t stand for start a new one !

Eva, Thierno, Sonia, Dominik, Buffo, Nina, Miša, Denis, Damian, Mihael, Raphael, Patrick,
La Casa Fantom, the Lift, Vlasta Popic, Blackout, Se Mustard Terrorist, Phobos,
And all the people who helped us book this tour !
And of course, the crowd !

(Vidéo by Tom)

Here we are !
Rec is done, thanks a lot to our friends at Barrio Populo for their precious help !
Our 4 tracks will appear on our next Ep (we still are on discuss for the title !)
They gonna be mixed and masterised by Amaury Sauvé (Puzzle, Birds In Row, As We Draw, Comity, Robot Orchestra, The Forks….) !

We put up a release date/gig : 26 October 2012 @ Le Larsen, Saint-Etienne with Myciaa and The Ditch. A show with some surprises for us !

We also gonna made some shirts with Roww, check his artwork here :

So, a lot of work ! Hope everything’s gonna be allright and just in time :)