Imagine you awake in the middle of the night and failing to go back to sleep you decide a warm glass of milk will help you relax enough to return to dreamland. So, you make your way to the kitchen and upon flipping on the light you scream at the top of your lungs when a shocking face pops above the fridge door. Your fright is quickly forgotten when you realize who it is and you fall to the floor consumed by laughter at the sight of your roommate Loki with his hair in curlers dressed in a silk robe, silk pajama pants, fuzzy slippers and a green overnight facial mask. With an indignant snort, Loki prances from the kitchen with his head held high.

Ylvis being Intolerant in Riga (Eliza Trump interview)

The brothers have surprised me again - Intolerant is not only a lough out loud funny song, but the video was made in Riga, Latvia. And the bread intolerant girl who loves milk is from Latvia too. Here I have translated a small article where Eliza Trumpe (Eliza Trump) shares her impressions.

You can find the original article here:

(The translation is how it is. English is not my native language so you can always choose to not read it)

The headline is: Eliza Trumpe (Eliza Trump) "Ylvis" guys just probably liked my tattoos. (as a reference to why they might have chosen her for the part of Bard’s girlfriend)

Some time ago a song «The Fox» (What Does the Fox Say?) made by Norvegian comedy duo Ylvis become a viral video and international sensation. Now the brothers have made a new hit called «Intolerant» starring Latvian girl Elīza Trumpe (Eliza Trump) and it was partly filmed in Riga. Eliza talked to the site TVNET ( and shared her impressions on how it was to work with the guys.

Actually Eliza wouldn’t call herself a model (as opposite to what you might have thought). It has been several years since she is only participating in exclusively those fashion-connected projects she finds especially interesting. At the moment her profession is more or less connected with everything that is behind the cameras and stage lights.

The music video for Intolerant was made by Latvian and Lithuanian team, and they were those who offered her to take part. But it was only day before shooting when Eliza found out that she would really have to do that.

Eliza tells: ” Ylvis had confirmed me for the role already from the beginning, but the director wasn’t sure that a girl who is not an actress could  “get into character” and he had  found another girl for the role. When brothers came to Latvia the day before shooting it was a huge surprise for them. So the actual confirmation that I would indeed have to be in video I got only the evening before shooting. Although when you work in showbizz things like this is really not a surprise anymore.”

It is not known why Ylvis chose Riga as the location for filming their latest video, it might have been because of the beautiful Latvian girls, the high quality of production or cheaper prices (than in Norway), but Eliza adds that when it came to deciding on which girl to cast, her tatoos might have played an important role. (If you click on the original article there are some really nice photos)

Eliza tells “Now when I have met Ylvis I perceive their music differently. The guys are great, amazing and warm people. They are filled with love towards their job, family and they are making the whole world to smile, which is kinda magical. And that is only thing that matters. “