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FYI to everyone saying Marvin Guy should go to jail: in 1992 US Marshalls staked out a house believed to be involved containing illegal weapons. They were in camo and had M-16s when two members of the household stumbled on them. Their dog ran up to the marshalls and one marshall shot it; in the ensuing firefight one kid and one marshall were dead. In the eventual trial, the members of the household were found not guilty because they had no way of knowing that the camo'd men shooting their dog...

…were federal marshals. It was a huge embarrassment for the FBI and USMS and caused a huge outcry in white America. And this was a household that DID contain illegal weapons and WAS connected to anti-government milita in a state that DID NOT have any kind of Stand Your Ground law

Are you talking about Ruby Ridge?

From the New York Times. Supporters of radical cleric Moktada al-Sadr protest the continued presence of American troops in Iraq. As the 2012 American military withdrawal date quickly approaches, both American and Iraqi officials have privately acknowledged that, for the sake of national stability, a number of U.S. military personnel should remain in Iraq past the end of the year. However, for the U.S. military to maintain any presence past 2012 would require approval by a diverse Iraqi government, and would likely face opposition in Washington as well.  

Influential political figures like Moktada al-Sadr, who during the most violent year of the Iraq war was the leader of the fierce Shia militia group the Mahdi Army, strongly oppose any continued American presence in Iraq, and have called on U.S. forces to leave immediately. THere are fears that any political arguments associated with this issue could lead to increased violence, or a breakdown of the tentative Maliki governing coalition. 

 Many believe that if the Americans were to leave, the Maliki government’s inability to crackdown on local religious militia groups might be compounded, especially as new evidence suggests that Iran has boosted its efforts to supply radical Shia militias with weaponry and explosives, explaining a recent spike in U.S. fatalities.

Soviet militia members and labor battalion soldiers (in the black coats) on Leningradsky Prospekt in Moscow pause momentarily during the Battle of Moscow. Note the German Maxim MG08 machine gun (Maschinengewehr 08) on the right. Among the motley weapons of the militia are a Polish Browning wz.1928 light machine gun and a French Lebel Model 1886 rifle. Moscow, Moscow Oblast, Russia, Soviet Union. November 1941.

From the Boston Globe’s Big Picture Series. A Somali militiaman loyal to Hezb al-Islamiya, an an affiliate of Al Shabaab, stands at the frontlines of the Hodan district in Mogadishu. Hezb al-Islamiya and Al Shabaab have often occupied large portions of the capital, waging violent street battles with African Union peacekeepers as they attempt to topple the internationally recognized Transitional Federal Government. In recent months African Union forces have managed to regain control of much of the city, but have little influence outside the capital. 


Introducing the Undercover Operative.

The simple gas mask, also known as the double agent’s best friend.

Keeping it’s wearer safe from the dangers of the battlefield, everything from Fluorine Gas to phosphorus-containing clouds of death, and the worst of all, the ever-present hallitosis of your pears.

Comes with 3 LODS!
Compatible with hats/miscs!
Mysterious and Bad-ass looking!

Model by Sky
Texture by Psyke



What you gotta understand is things used to be different. We used electricity for everything; for our computers, our phones. Even to grow food and pump water. But after the Blackout nothing worked. Not even car engines or jet turbines. Hell, even batteries. All of it gone forever. People starved. Sickness without medicine. Fires without firetrucks. Governments fell. Militias rose up. If you were smart you left the city. If you weren’t - you died there…

The world went insane overnight, and nobody knows why. — Aaron Pittman, S01E01.

Def Leppard isn’t the only band announced today for Hellfest of course…  Lordi (and see our interview with Mr Lordi and Mana here:, Europe, Morbid Angel, NOFX, Hell Militia, Prong,  Sleep AND High On fire - so double the chance to catch Matt Pike in action, Masters Of Reality, P.O.D and Vektor!

Sadly Walking Papers have had to cancel their appearance.


Monroe + Blonde Dude (feat. Connor) | 2.17

"This one’s for Duncan."