‘Open When…’ Letters!

Here’s my stack! I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was super cute and an easy way to do something special instead of just making another care package. I only sent ten this time around and I sent them in a larger manila envelope. At my post office, sending these in my own envelope was actually less expensive than sending them in one of the flat rate envelopes!

Here’s what I put in each:

Open When…

First- I explained the letters and mentioned that, knowing him, I didn’t expect him to wait to open each one. I’ll know he’ll open all of them at one time! (and then go back to each one)

You are Bored- I found a website where I could create my own word searches, crosswords, word jumbles, and hidden codes and made them all about us, our favorite things to do together, and inside jokes. I think he’ll have a lot of fun with more personalized puzzles to keep him entertained.

Mad at Me- I wrote and apology letter telling how much I loved him.

You Need a Trip Down Memory Lane - I wrote a letter telling the story of our first date and a picture of us on that date!

You Can’t Sleep - A letter telling him to think of good things and what it will be like when he comes home.

You are Feeling Under the Weather - A funny 'get well soon’ card from the store and a packet of Emergen-C

You are Feeling Frisky - Ladies (and gents), you know how it is trying to keep the romance alive from a distance!

You are Feeling Homesick - A Florida postcard with a small note on the back and a ziplock bag with grass from my backyard!

You’ve had a Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very bad Day - An encouraging letter along with a rubber band to remind him to be flexible, a paper clip to help him keep it together, and a penny for good luck!

You Need to Know Just How Much I Love You - I put on some lipstick and filled a sheet of paper with lipstick kisses and wrote reasons why I love him on each one!


Package No. 2: St. Patty’s Day!

This is the second care package I’ve sent to my husband. I doubt it’ll get there in time for St. Patrick’s Day (he hasn’t even received the Valentine’s Day box yet!) but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Anyway, in this package I sent a lot of green things and I tied funny little notes around each. Below I’ve listed the items and their notes:

  • Irish Spring Shower Gel & Deodorant - “In case you’re getting stinky”
  • Lucky Charms - “You’re my lucky charm!”
  • Green rubber duck - “I’m one lucky duck to have you”
  • Mini jar of Jif - “Choosy wives choose Jif”
  • Mint M&Ms - “Sweets for my sweet”
  • Turkey Jerky (wasn’t creative enough for a note on these!)
  • Mini boxes of craisins - “Crais-y for you!”
  • Mini scope - “I miss your morning breath”
  • Pistachios - “I’m nuts about you!”
  • Slinky - “I love you oodles!”
  • Advil - “Pills for when someone’s being a pill!”

Around the box, I cut out little shamrocks and wrote funny puns on them like “Leprechaun’t wait to kiss you!” and “You’re my pot o’ gold!” In the bottom of the box, I added a little note that said “I hope this box is Dublin your happiness!" He and I love puns, which is why I used so many!

As always, I put a letter in there, too. But I also had my mom, dad, brother, and grandmother write him little notes to him. I think he’ll like that!

I hope this box inspires you to make a box for a service member you know! I’ll be posting again once the Easter care package is sent out :)

Confession #850: Just because you know I’ll wait forever doesn’t mean you should make me. 

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Y'all might as well go and UNFOLLOW me now, ‘cause here comes a rant. Thank you. 😊

Okay, so am I the only one who’s against this whole competition thing going on here?

•Who gives a shit how long your guy’s been gone?

•Who gives a shit what branch he’s in?

The point is, HE’S GONE and he’s SERVING. Time nor branch make him (or you) better than anyone else in circle. Yes, you may be going at 5 months now and someone else is only one week in… DON’T talk them down about it! DON’T tell them it’s NOT okay to miss him. If anything, BE THERE for them! YOU out of all people should know what it feels like. This ain’t no competition. We’re all in this together! This goes for regular civilian boyfriend complaints, too. (Yes, I said it!) OF COURSE it’s annoying as hell when they can’t see him FOR A DAY and they cry about it. SO WHAT!? Yes, it’s a bit different.. However, instead of scolding her for feeling this way- use YOUR experience to comfort her or leave her be. Some people will never understand, so don’t break your head over it. Don’t get mad at them. You have to understand that you’re a unique bunch! You’re different and your challenges and pain are both different from anybody else’s. Remember that and humble yourselves. THEY WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND so stop expecting them to! This goes to me as well, 'cause lord knows it grinds my gears when girls complain about how they can’t see their guy on Saturday 'cause he has a game or something in a different town. But I always try my best to humble down and remind myself that I don’t know everyone’s story. I don’t know what they go through. And if anything, I know what they’re feeling 'cause I have to go MONTHS without mine. So, I know what one day feels like. I know what weeks feel like. I know what not receiving a call does to you. I know what missing him feels like. And so do YOU! Please, stop this competition game.


It has been 93 long days since I got to touch you. It has been 79 days since I’ve last seen your face. I know I’m not even half way through. But I miss you more and more everyday. I would do anything to be able to be held by you. Life has been rough without you by my side. I miss my best friend more than anything in the world. Deployment is the hardest thing ever. I love you forever. I love you for always baby! Come home to me.