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MilSO Directory :)

I really wanna get this up and running!  Please send me your names, and his branch!! You can include a picture if you would like also! :)

**If people just keep liking this I’m gonna take it as you want to be on it and I’ll creep on your profile to figure out the names and branch ;) haha♥

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Welcome to the new blog! This is a military advice team, dedicated to those who are dealing with time, distance, boot camp, training, schooling, stationing, and deployment. This is for any and all military girlfriends, fiancées, and wives to find a “safe place.”  A place to seek advice, get questions answered, share pictures and stories, find songs.. anything you need to help during those times of struggle, but also the times of happiness.

I’m very excited about this blog, I can’t wait to see it once it really gets going!!

PLEASE REBLOG THIS!  We gotta make this as big as possible!!!!!

P.S. — this blog WILL be following the tags: militaryloveunderfire && military love advice    *tag us :)

RESPECT! C'mon ladies, seriously.

I know each and every one of you has the freedom to put your opinion out in the world, but seriously.. things are getting a little sickening. I created this MilSO/advice blog for one main reason: to bring ALL MilSOs together!  This means share stories, pictures, give advice, ask question.. etc.

I am disgusted to hear that people are bashing on others because "they haven’t been in a military relationship long enough to be considered a MilSO!" Seriously? STOP!  I personally don’t even like the word MilSO because it’s a terrible stereotype  due to people who act like that. 

JUST because somebody starts dating somebody in the military and is offering advice and help does NOT mean they are any less of a military significant other than YOU! Do you know that they haven’t been talking for years and are just finally dating? No. Do you know that they’ve been close and have a chance to date now? NO!

STOP IT! I put this blog out here to HELP! It’s a nice way to meet other people and everything.. it’s not hard to “take it away.” Believe me, it’s not hard to figure out the people causing problems. I’m not a mean person, but if i keep hearing this crap I’ll start blocking you from this page, because I don’t believe that you deserve to receive advice/help if you’re not willing to share it with everybody else.


Updates on the blog! :)

Hello lovelies :)

I just wanted to give all of you a quick update of what’s been changed, added, and what’s new to the blog!

The biggest thing: the “Military Lovers♥” tab. This tab includes the milso directory with currently almost 100 different military couple’s blogs!!!! I’m super excited about this and I hope it helps you find other SO! :)

Two other additions to the blog are the “Care Packages 101” and the “Answers!” tab! The “Care Packages 101” tab contains ANYTHING on my blog that pertains to care packages. That means it has all the recipes I shared, along with other ideas and pictures.  The “Answers!” tab has any ask/message that I have gotten and publicly posted! This includes questions about the blog, military lifestyle, advice, anons, my jailbreak.. pretty much anything!!! :)

I did make some changes to the playlist on here so feel free to check them out! I did post the playlist a few days back so if you’d like to know the singers and such they are there! :)

Like I’ve said before, and I’ll say it a million times over and over again.. I CANNOT thank all my amazing followers enough! I have had this blog for just under 2 months, and I have almost 800 followers on this blog and almost 300 on militaryloveunderfire!! That is absolutely INCREDIBLE! I never could have done it without the support of each and every one of you.

I just want to say.. I’m here for you! Each and every person here. I’m here for you to vent to, to talk to.. to ask questions, share advice, tell stories, and share pictures.. I’m here to raise your spirits even if you just want to be on anon..  I’m constantly on here for one reason: YOU!  By being able to help others out, helps me stay strong in my relationship. Knowing that I can help somebody out through my experience makes me so incredibly happy! Never forget that♥

I'm looking for a lovely lady who's dealt with deployment!

I haven’t been through a deployment myself yet, so right now I’m looking for ONE lady to help out on the new blog. I would prefer somebody who has been through it multiple times, IF POSSIBLE! :) You would be answering questions about deployment, coming up with advice, ideas for ways to stay busy, care package ideas, etc. It sounds like a lot but I can help out with most! I just can’t do the question part yet. Message me if you’re interested in being my deployment admin :)

The military advice team blog is.. DONE!!!! :)

Alright beautiful people! :)  After hours of just trying to get the layout and background perfect how I wanted it haha it’s DONE!   I’m super excited to get it started!!!! 

The only way this is going to be able to work is by you helping me out, BIG TIME!!!

I’m going to post the link in my next post..


I want to get the word out about this as quickly and as much as possible. I want to help people, and I know there are many struggling right now that we can be helping! :)  Plus it’s very bare right now :(  I need TONS of submissions!!!!

I do have to go to work from 4-10 so once I get off I’ll be on this ALL night getting more stuff done to it :)

Also, while I’m gone.. BLOW UP the submissions so I have stuff to add to the page once I get home!

While I’m at work I do need a couple things.  I know there were quite a few people that said they would help.. and that’s great! Problem. When I replied to some of the messages they kinda disappeared sooooo..  anybody who wants to help in anyway possible, send me another MESSAGE (no replies to posts please, it’s hard to find) and we can get started with admins and such :)

Thank you SOOOOOO much everybody!!!! I can’t wait to get this going in full swing!♥

Blog of the Month!? :)

Since I finally figured out how to get everything set up to do this on my main blog, I decided I would like do one on this blog also!

I am going to take the FIRST 10 blogs to MESSAGE ME about being apart of it will have the opportunity to be the ‘November Blog of the Month’!  (you MUST message me about it! if you just like the this post, or reply to it.. it will be ignored)

How this is going to work.. I will be placing those 10 blogs in a poll and they will be voted on. Since this month is almost over, instead of a full month worth of voting, this month.. whoever has the most votes at 11:59pm on October 31st will be my ‘November Blog of the Month!’ :)

Basically there will be a link from this blog directly to yours, I will promote your blog, and we’ll gain you some amazing followers! :)


MilSO Directory!♥

I have decided at this point, that I am going to be combining the MilSO directory from my blog (semperfi-marinegirlfriend15) with our militaryloveunderfire blog, to have ONE running directory!

This makes this a MILLION times easier on me to handle and take care of, plus, on my main blog, I currently have 127 BLOGS! It’s amazing! :)

If you haven’t already and would like to be added, just MESSAGE me with your names, the branch, and URL and I’ll take care of the rest!♥


MilSO Directory -- Total 22 :)

I’ve quite pleased to see how many people decided to be apart of this! I can’t wait for more people to take interest in it. My goal is 50 by the end of next week. LET’S DO IT!!! :)


furtiive said:

Hello, I just recently found your blog and loved it! I honestly need some encouraging words. My boyfriend and I already have a long distance relationship. (I live in Oregon and he lives in North Carolina) He will be going into boot camp in January and I honesty have no idea what to expect while he's in there and for when he gets out.

Well honestly you can expect a lot of crying and waiting for letters and to see him.


I completely understand your situation! My husband and I were long distance up until we got married! It definitely has it’s up and downs, as well as it’s extra obstacles. BCT isn’t the easiest part of the military process, but it will definitely make the two of you stronger and feel more secure in your relationship. You can look forward to handwritten letters from your SO, something you’ll be able to keep and look back on in the future. Depending on your SO’s company while in boot camp, they’ll sometimes be allowed phone calls. I’ve heard that they’re giving a little more slack when it comes to phone calls now, but I’m not 100% sure on that fact just yet. At the end of BCT, he’ll have family day and graduation, both of which you should be able to attend! Afterwards, he’ll be sent to school to be technically trained in his specific job field. Once he graduates his tech school, if Active Duty, he’ll be stationed somewhere! No matter what happens though, you’ll be able to get through boot camp and his tech school, just like you’ve been able to overcome your distance so far! If you have any more questions or concerns, feel free to message us!