Milich the Gatekeeper - Animating Architecture Pt.2

Animating Architecture PART 1…

There is a LOCKSMITH sign outside as Milich unlocks the door and disarms alarm.

This sign doesn’t seem to be there when Bill first shows up at Peter Grenning’s apartment.

Milich also Locks Japanese Businessmen in.

And then unlocks them:


Milich's PRIVATE Office

Milich locks the Japanese businessmen in a room labeled “Office / PRIVATE”. This is not an office. It’s a “Private” room, but with glass windows? Hmmmm… not very private. Note the silver lock at the top of the door. Who has a lock on the outside of an office that’s supposed to be private as well? It sure would make a lot more sense for a Private room to lock from the inside wouldn’t it Mr. Kubrick? There is no desk or anything office like here (think Bill’s office) and the wigs and costumes suggest a kinkier nature to the room. 

BILL: Mr. Milich. Last night, you were going to call the police.

MILICH: Well, uh… (He scratches his beard and neck.) Things change. We have come to another arrangement. And, by the way, if the good doctor himself should ever want anything again, anything at all (he puts an arm around his daughter, hugging her to him)

It seems to me that this is a scam Milich and his daughter run in order to extort money out of rich men. This is the arrangement Milich speaks about the next morning; the men paid him off. The whole situation relates to what Ziegler will later say about the events at Somerton:

ZIEGLER: “ suppose I said that all of that was staged, that it was a kind of charade, that it was fake.”

There is also a “Private No Trespassing” sign at Somerton along with a Royal Blue gate that now matches Milich’s shirt.There are also masks on the wall just outside Milich’s office. As I have stated in a previous post, Somerton is “where the Rainbow ends” in many literal and figurative ways.

The “Private” sign becomes symbolic of the true nature of this place, it’s a place where secrets are stored and kept hidden. The signs otherwise become meaningless in the reality of the film once you realize there is nothing about this room that signifies an office.

The two signs on the door are respectively Black and Gold like the “Rainbow” bag Bill keeps his costume in. Bill is most certainly trying to keep his costume PRIVATE.

……and like the Gold Room sign from The Shining, where “All the best people” party much like Somerton, where the elite gather in PRIVATE.

Milich's Mannequin Daughter

Flowered Kimono Mannequin

Flowered Night Gown

Note her Geisha-esque makeup as well. I’m guessing this has something to do with the Japanese men who have British accents? Other researchers have made comparisons between Jack from the Shining and Milich’s appearance. As well as the backwards DINER sign/ REDRUM. Also the obvious Lolita comparison comes to mind here. I have never heard mention of the connection between the British accents of the Japanese men and the ghosts of the Overlook Hotel / James Mason in Lolita. The themes of child abuse are in the Shining and obviously in Lolita so I believe there is validity to this connection.