The other Captain will be taking over this blog tonight.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m Kristin (milesunderwater here on tumblr) and I’m the partner-in-crime + other half of the two joint blogs that Cap runs here. I never sign out of Cap #1’s blog on my phone, considering she uses the app when we’re on the go more frequently than I do…so I figured it’s about damn time I made an appearance in these parts, and what better time than 4:30 in the morning?

Anyway, sorry for the interrupt! I hope everybody is having an excellent night/morning/time zone appropriate greeting!

agentleviolence asked:

My answer about Demon's Souls wouldn't fit, so here I am! Short and sweet, it's highly frustrating, even for go-getters--I hated the repetition of figuring out one obstacle you'd have to overcome (and dying while you do it), only to get sent back to the beginning of the level in order to overcome it, only to die figuring out the next one. I love a good challenge, but this? Beyond unnecessary, in every sense I could think to say. Certainly worth bragging rights, if beaten, though.

Thanks for your answer!

I’m currently playing through Knights Contract, and then I have Enslaved: Journey To The West to play, but if I get to the end of those sometime soon, I’ll definitely take what you’ve said into consideration.