Strength and beauty — Washington DC (April 2014)

"Tough times don’t last but tough people do." —A. C. Green*

Close friends are the family you choose.  The friends who mail letters and make you fall off a chair {literally} laughing. The friends who would/do drop everything to be there, no questions asked.  The friends who are *always* up for adventure — big or small — even being the best/worst/best partner {hypothetically} on The Amazing Race.  The friends who inspire you with their strength, loyalty, empathy, and love.

*Today’s MilePost quote resonated deeply.  Tonight, especially, counting every gift…particularly, family by birth, by choice, and by love.

My mantra through much of my marathon training so far as been “I run this body.” This is a saying, coined by Dorothy Beal, I found while looking for good running blogs to follow ( Ever since seeing those words I knew I wanted the shirt. Lucky me, they just came back on the market!

Aside from the shirt though, I think this is a powerful mantra whether you’re a runner or not. You’re in control of every decision that you make. No one puts the cake in your mouth and chews it for you. No one downs that last shot and then makes you to drive. No one ties you up to stop you from getting in your run today. Besides you. You run your body. I run my body. So let’s do this. 

Today’s feature: @johnnyk926
Today’s location: Drive 19 miles east of McKenzie Bridge on Highway 126 (or 5.2 miles south of the Highway 20 junction). Near milepost 5, pull into a large, well-marked Sahalie Falls parking area and walk 100 yards down to the railed viewpoint of the falls.
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god-fire! - this clear field

letting everything through (mileposts and breezes and faraway
windmills: still - from this world - in a dream - the horizon: o all
of it - sparks - the perpetual flames of an immortal fire)

alpha-omega - with no worldly traces

immortally shining


—  Field: At the Height of Winter, G. Aygi
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